Energy is a critical part of the game - depending on how well players understand it, the player can make better use of their time. In game, it is represented as a vertical yellow bar found at the bottom right side of the game screen. 


Energy is used to perform daily tasks, this can range from getting wood from a tree to gathering wild plants. The player starts the game with 50 energy.

Energy requiredEdit

Below is a list of tasks that require a certain amount of energy to perform.


All stages of growing a plant until it can be harvested requires energy:

  • Digging up soil using a Hoe
  • Watering soil using a Watering Can
  • Planting seeds in soil


Collecting basic resources requires energy:

  • Gathering wild plants
  • Hitting tree(s) with an Axe
  • Hitting rock(s) with a Pickaxe

Energy not requiredEdit

Below are some examples of tasks that do not require energy in order to perform:


While energy can be depleted quickly if the player is not paying attention to their energy bar, there are ways to recover energy:

  • Saving the game by sleeping completely restores energy for the next day.
  • Taking a nap on the Hammock partially restores some energy.
  • Eating cooked food can restore a noticeable amount of energy. The amount restored varies depending on a food eaten.

Upgrading Edit

The amount of energy the player has at the start of each day can be increased. This is possible through purchasing various upgrades from Frank's upgrade table


  • It is thought that swimming may also use energy, but this is untrue. In order to swim, the player uses stamina instead.