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Fairy Dragon is a very rare base type of Dragon which can appear in multiple variations of an iridescent and rainbow pastel colour scheme.

Their eggs can spawn in nests in Kozita's Rock Island and Mountain Region during any season. Unlike the other egg types, they cannot be purchased from Mina.

Fairy Dragon Morphs[]

The colour scheme of a hatched Fairy Dragon will be randomly chosen from a royal jewel-toned or iridescent pastels rainbow-coloured subset.


Currently there are 13 known Fairy Dragon morphs. While some body colours may be similar to other dragon types, Fairy Dragon wings have more delicate webbed butterfly/fairy wings instead of straight ridges:

  • Blue with gold
  • Purple with gold
  • Green with gold
  • Black with gold
  • Red with gold
  • Deep Turquoise/Green
  • Pastel Purple
  • Blood Red
  • Ice Blue
  • Deep Magenta/Violet
  • Iridescent Pink/Violet rainbow
  • Iridescent Yellow/Orange rainbow
  • Iridescent Blue/Purple rainbow
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