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Fallen Star is a special item that appears every night in a random location.


At 22:00 in game, a streak of fire in the sky will appear and race toward the ground in a random direction. A Fallen Star can be found where it lands.

If not collected by the player, it will disappear by morning.

Note: Sometimes a star will land in an inaccessible location, such as on the side of a hill or the top of a tree. The star stays where it is even if the tree it's in is chopped down, making it impossible to collect via normal means. For ways to grab these stars, see the "Elevator Method" below.

Star Collecting Tips[]

High Ground[]

Hunting for Fallen Stars is easier if the player makes sure to be on higher ground by 22:00. The top of the waterfall is a good high central location, for instance. This makes it easier to see what direction the star is headed and where it ends up.

The high ground method also makes it easier to just jump and glide straight in the direction of the star right away.

Elevator Method[]

This method takes a little practice, but it's tried and true and makes any star reachable, even ones that end up in trees!

  1. Craft an Item Shifter, a Hammer, and a Wooden Platform, and bring them with you when you're hunting stars
  2. Place the platform below the inaccessible star and stand on it
  3. Target the platform with the Item Shifter while standing on it, and slowly move it upward. You will move along with the platform.
  4. Collect the star, then pick platform back up with the Hammer

Restarting the Day[]

If you reload the day for whatever reason, the star will land in the same place for that particular day. So if there's a hard-to-reach star, and you don't mind losing other progress for the day, you can restart and build a platform where you know the star will land.


When the player obtains their first Fallen Star, this unlocks the Starduster Blueprint.


The Fallen Star can be used to craft the following items:



A Fallen Star can be broken open like a Geode by using an Anvil, or by placing it into a Geode Processor. You will always receive 1x Stardust from breaking a Fallen Star, which can be used to make a Starduster or Stardust Skins. It will also produce a random gem.

Approximate drop rates based off 1,000 Fallen Stars:

Beetle Black.png Known Issues[]

  • If you catch a Fallen Star on a world that was visited by a character who already had that achievement unlocked, the achievement will not unlock and you will not be able to get the Starduster blueprint.