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Feed Trough[1] is an item that can passively feed baby farm animals within a radius around it.

It can only feed baby animals that can be placed in a Barn, Stable, Chicken Coop, or Duck Pond. It cannot tame wild animals or feed baby wild animals produced through breeding.


Feed Trough will not be available until after Mr. Mooney hires Jacob as an assistant ("Helping Hand"), and completes Mr. Mooney's quest "Feeding Trough".

The trough can then be purchased directly from Jacob.


When placed, a green radius will appear on the ground. Only animals within this boundary will be affected.

The trough can be opened like a storage chest. It contains 8 slots which can be stocked with the following feed items:

Multiple types of feed can be stocked and dispensed at the same time, but non-feed items cannot be placed inside.

When empty, the trough will display as empty. If 1 or more items are placed inside, it displays as if it is full of hay.

Qualifying Animals[]

When stocked with proper food[2] for the animals around the trough, it will dispense 1 feed item to each baby animal per day until the animal is fully grown. Grown animals will not be fed.

The following animals can be fed with the Feed Trough:

With the exception of the Baby Cat, the trough cannot tame wild animals or feed baby wild animals produced through breeding.


  1. The item name shows "Feed Trough" while in the inventory, but when placed and opened it changes to "Feeding Trough".
  2. Small Fish, Beetle Feed, Tall Grass, and Legendary Feed are feed and can be placed inside, but other than Baby Cats the trough will not feed the animals that require them. They will only take up space.
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