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Ferret Island is a medium-sized island to the south of the Main Island. It is the southernmost island on the map, east of the Town of Florens region.


The eastern side of the island is relatively flat and covered with trees. The western side is dominated by a large hill with a giant tree stump on top and a cave below.


It is not possible to get to Ferret Island by swimming, and extremely difficult using a glider. By far the easiest way across would be building a bridge over the water using Wooden Foundations, or via Raft.

To get there by glider:

  1. Get on top of the large stone arch at the beginning of the switchback path going up to the ruins. You can reach it by climbing the left ridge, beginning where the loot chest is on the hill. At the end of the ridge it's a short glide to the top of the arch.
  2. Run down the arch, keeping slightly right so you don't hit the large pillar.
  3. Just as the arch begins to curve steeply down, jump and deploy your glider.
    • It is also possible to jump from the edge of the top ruins area, where the mushrooms grow. You can build a platform or use a trampoline to get more height if needed.
  4. Aim for the closest bit of beach on Ferret Island. You should just barely make it. If your swim timer runs out, you either jumped too early and didn't get enough distance, or jumped too late and didn't get enough height.




Pamela the Unicorn makes their home on Ferret Island inside the giant tree stump.

They run a Trading Center that offers unique Furniture Items in exchange for Daisies, Carrots, Honey, and Red and Blue Mushrooms.


  • Ferrets - There are 2 Ferrets[1] on the eastern side of the island.


Ferret Island is one the few places the player can find colored Dandelions, as well as other seasonal plants and flowers.

There is one Fruit Tree on the island.

Crystal Geode Cave[]

There is one large cave on the southern side of the island. It is blocked by boulders at the start of the game, but once the Miner's Camp upgrade is purchased, the player can pay to clear the entrance.

Crystal Geode Cave is one of only two places on the Main Island and Outer Islands where Crystal Geodes can be mined. It also contains the highest number of regular Geodes.


  1. Ferret Island used to be "Decorative Island 1" before Ferrets were introduced. The other islands have since been renumbered.