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Fish Bait is required in order to use a Fishing Pole or Fishing Trap.

It can be crafted in the Quick Crafting Menu (T) from 1x Small Insects.

Using Bait[]

Fishing Pole: To use Fish Bait with a pole, just have the bait somewhere in your inventory. Casting the line at the edge of water will remove 1x Fish Bait from the stack, whether or not you catch anything.

If there is no bait in your inventory, the game will notify you and prevent you from casting the line.

Fishing Trap: Bait must be in the active hotbar slot (i.e. held in the character's hand) in order to place in a trap. Walk up to the trap, and the text prompt to place the bait will show.

If you are holding the wrong bait for the trap, the prompt will not appear.

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