Fish Drying Rack is a workstation that can turn caught raw fish[1] into energy-restoring dried fish.


The Fish Drying Rack will not be craftable until completing the quest New Blueprint and purchasing the blueprint from Roman.

It can then be crafted on a Workbench.


Other than crafting, the player can obtain a Fish Drying Rack by:

  • Completing the "Fishing Pole Collection" for the Museum
  • Winning one in a festival minigame


Place up to 1 full stack of inside the Fish Drying Rack.

  • The Fish Drying Rack can only dry up to 1 full stack (50) at a time, but has an internal inventory that can store multiple completed stacks that can be left inside while drying the next batch.

After 24 hours of in-game time, the stack of fish will turn into a stack of one of 4 types of dried fish, depending on the original fish inserted (see table below).


All non-rare fish that can be caught with a Fishing Pole can be dried. Currently there are no dried versions of Jellyfish or Shellfish.

Raw Dried Energy Sell Price
Small Fish Dried Small Fish 5Energy Infoicon Coin Icon 75
Blue SnapperRed SnapperFishGold Fish Dried Fish 10Energy Infoicon Coin Icon 125
Silver Belly MollyGold Dust Molly   Dried Damsel[2] 5Energy Infoicon Coin Icon 75
Bright Damsel Dried Damsel 20Energy Infoicon Coin Icon 200
Yellow Angel Fish Dried Angel Fish 20Energy Infoicon Coin Icon 300


  1. At the moment there are no in-game drying recipes for Gold Dipped Molly Fish, Clown Fish, Royal Blue Fish, or Spotted Fish.
  2. Dried Molly shares an in-game icon with Dried Damsel, but they are different items with different prices.
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