Fishing is one of the many activities that the player can spend their day doing. From soggy paper all the way to jellyfish, there is a range of different items that the player can catch. 


Players should be aware that:

  • Currently, it is not possible for the player to move while fishing using a fishing pole
  • Regardless of what body of water the player plans on fishing at, the chances of getting any and all items are the same.


Tutorial Fishing

In order to catch a variety of fish, the player needs a Fishing Pole or a Fishing Trap.

  • Using the fishing pole, bait needs to be in the player's inventory to start fishing.
    • Wait until something bites, and click on the icon that appears on the screen to catch it.
    • Being unable to click the icon in time results in the fish getting away.
    • Bait is consumed each time a fish bites.

Using a fishing trap, the player needs to set bait in the trap.

To catch a variety of shellfish, the player needs a Shellfish Trap.

  • Using a shellfish trap, the player needs to set shellfish bait in the trap.

For both traps:

  • Leave the trap alone until something bites.
  • A "bubbly" animation occurs when something is caught.
  • Simply pick up the trap to obtain what was caught.


All fish and items found below can be caught through one of the methods mentioned above.