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Flo is Robert's wife.

She does not appear in the world except for two quests, Garden Pals and Bonus Pie, where she stands in front of their house.


Robert mentions Flo in many of his quests. Coupled with the fact that Flo does not appear in the world very often, nearly everything the player learns about Flo is through what Robert tells them:

  • She loves to cook and bake. Many of Robert's quest rewards are some kind of food.
  • She likes to garden. The player helps her with starting a carrot patch in front of their house, and later on experimenting with strawberries.
  • She raises bees.
  • She is a seamstress. The player receives clothing items from her for a couple of Robert's quest rewards.
  • She thinks Robert doesn't spend enough time with her.
  • She helps him with fishing sometimes.

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