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The Flower Shop is where the player can purchase plants. It is run by Elizabeth.

The shop is not available at the start of the game, but can be purchased from the Upgrade Table for Coin Icon.png 8,000.

Having the Flower Shop in town will allow new flower types to spawn in the world, so if you're looking for a particular or rare flower type such as coloured Dandelions or Cosmos, purchasing the shop may unlock them.


The Flower Shop mainly sells plants, but once in a while decorative furniture items will show up. Three to four random items are in stock every day. The items in stock change daily:

Item Name Buy Price
Hydrangea.png Blue Hydrangea Coin Icon.png 140
Blue Star.png Blue Star Coin Icon.png 120
Cabbage.png Cabbage Coin Icon.png 80
Carrot.png Carrot Coin Icon.png 80
Daisy.png Daisy Coin Icon.png 20
Dandelion.png Dandelion Coin Icon.png 50
Pink Leaf.png Pink Leaf Coin Icon.png 70
Purple Bell.png Purple Bell Coin Icon.png 150
Purple Flower.png Purple Cosmos Coin Icon.png 100
Purple Daisy.png Purple Daisy Coin Icon.png 60
Red Daisy.png Red Daisy Coin Icon.png 40
Strawberry.png Strawberry Coin Icon.png 165
Tall White Flower.png Tall White Flower Coin Icon.png 100
Wheat.png Wheat Coin Icon.png 10
White Flower Bush.png White Flower Bush Coin Icon.png 240
Yellow Flower Bush.png Yellow Flower Bush Coin Icon.png 165
Potted Tree.png Potted Shrub Coin Icon.png 500