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The Forest Region is located in the north-western part of the Main Island. It is hilly, and very crowded due to the vast pine trees that grow in the area. Not many animals live in the area. The region is distinguished by the giant tree that can be found in the near center of the region.

Forest Region

See Also:Detailed Map of Main Island


The region is home to some NPCs as well as a short list of animals:


  • Deer - Can be found scattered throughout the region.
  • Bears - Can be found in and outside the Bear Cave (C5) within the region.
  • Dung Beetles - Can be found inside the Bear Cave.
  • Skunks - Can be found at the base of the giant tree.



  • BR - Bruce - Can be found on the outskirts of the region, north-west of of the giant tree.
  • AL - Alberto - Can be initially found on the south-western side of the giant tree.


The region has a few notable places that the player may find interest in:

Chest LocationsEdit

Chests can be found located in the region, a map will be updated regarding the locations of these chests.


  • Depending on how far long the player has gone into the game, different plants will grow in the region.
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