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Foxes are tameable animals that can be found in the wild or obtained throughout breeding.


Wild Location[]

Florens: Two can be found on the hill above the Bear Cave on the western side of the Forest Region.

Kozita: Four are scattered across the main island.

For specific locations, see Detailed Map or Kozita Detailed Map.


Foxes can be tamed by feeding them Small Fish for 10 consecutive days and leading them to a Forest Habitat.

Tamed Foxes will drop fish in their habitat. While they most commonly drop Small Fish, they may also sometimes drop rarer fish, such as Angel Fish, Spotted Fish, or Jellyfish.

Rare Spawn Unlocks[]

  • After taming 25 Foxes, there is a 15% chance for a Kitsune Fox to spawn somewhere in the world. It can be tamed with 1x Bright Damsel.
  • After taming 100 Foxes, there is a 1% chance for the Legendary Kitsune Fox mount to spawn somewhere in the world. It can be tamed with 1x Angel Fish.


Other ways to obtain Foxes include winning them in festival games or finding one in an Animal Mystery Box or Animal Mystery Bag.



Arctic Fox[]

There is a rarer white version of the Fox called an Arctic Fox that only appears in Winter on Florens. It is tamed the same way as the orange Fox, and is interchangeable for breeding and achievement purposes.

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