Frank is the carpenter of the Town of Florens, and is one of the more prominent villagers in the game.

Background Edit

At the start of the game, the player meets Frank for the first time standing outside the player's house. After a quick quest and some information, they run off.

For the rest of the game Frank will be found on the porch of a house on a small cliff next to the Town Mine at the end of the overpass in town (between Charlie and Captain Conrad). For Frank's exact location, see the Detailed Map.

Upgrade TableEdit

Over time, Frank offers a wide variety of Town Upgrades to the residents of Florens, as well as the player. Frank does this through the Upgrade Table, which can be found at their house from the beginning of the game.

Frank's Upgrade Table is important for game progression. Through it the player will have the ability to purchase house, shop, and farm upgrades for the Player Home Region and community upgrades for the inhabitants of Florens. These community buildings can unlock new game features and shops, bring new NPCs to the island, and help existing NPCs with items and quests.

As the player makes use of Frank's facilities over time, Florens will slowly but surely reach its potential.

Personal ShopEdit

The following items can be purchased directly from Frank. These resources are available to the player to buy from start of game.

Item Name Buy Price
Wood Wood Coin Icon 30
Stone Stone Coin Icon 30

Mail From FrankEdit

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