Background Edit

Frank is one of the key figures in not only Florens, but the entire game itself. At the start of the game, Frank is the first villager the player is introduced to. Frank directs the player to get settled into the island by helping the player with their Shop. Over time, Frank offers a wide variety of Town Upgrades to the residents of Florens, as well as the player. Frank does this through his Upgrade Table, which can be used by the player in exchange for money. These buildings can bring in new characters to the island of Florens, along with items and quests. With the player's progression and Frank's facilities, Florens can slowly but surely reach its potential.

Personal ShopEdit

The following items can be purchased directly from Frank. These resources are available to the player to buy from start of game.

Item Name Buy Price
Wood Wood Coin Icon 30
Stone Stone Coin Icon 30
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