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Fruit Tree Seedmaker is a workstation that allows the player to craft fruit tree seeds from fruits.


The Fruit Tree Seedmaker will not be craftable until the player has done the following.

  1. Played past Summer 5, Year 1
  2. Met Bruce
  3. Completed the "Fruit Trees!" questline ending in "Something Seedy"
  4. Purchased the Furniture Blueprint Seller from the Upgrade Table
  5. Purchased the Fruit Tree Seedmaker blueprint from Roman


To use the Fruit Tree Seedmaker place 10x of the same fruit in an active hotbar slot, and press E. If fewer than 10 fruit are placed, the seedmaker will stop working until the remaining fruit are added.

After a few in-game hours, the player can return to collect 1-2 tree seeds of the original fruit. The fruits are destroyed in the process.

The following fruits can be turned into seeds in the Fruit Tree Seedmaker:

Seed Requirements
Apple Tree Seed Apple x10
Blueberry Bush Blueberry x10
Cherry Tree Seed Cherry x10
Lemon Tree Seed Lemon x10
Orange Tree Seed Orange x10

Currently Limes, Raspberries, and Passion Fruit cannot be placed in the Fruit Tree Seedmaker.

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