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The Furniture Blueprint Seller or Blueprint Vendor is where the player can purchase blueprints to unlock craftable items. 

It can be purchased from the Upgrade Table for Coin Icon.png12,500, allowing Roman to move into town.

About Blueprints[]

Purchasing a Blueprint does not give the player those items. Instead it unlocks recipes for crafting those items, which the player can access at a Workbench.

Some Blueprints come with multiple crafting recipes, such as the Picket Fence Blueprint or the furniture workbenches.

Blueprints are linked to the world they are purchased in, not the character that unlocked them. This means if any player unlocks a blueprint on a world, other players will be able to see that blueprint in the corresponding workbenches.

Blueprint List[]

Much like Upgrade Table upgrades, unlocked Blueprints can be bought at any time and do not rotate stock. Certain blueprints will only become available after completing certain quests.

Below are the blueprints that can be bought directly from Roman:

Blueprint Name Crafting Recipes Buy Price Requirement
Glass Foundation Blueprint.png Glass Foundation Glass Foundation.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Glass Wall Blueprint.png Glass Wall Glass Wall.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Glass Wall With Door Blueprint.png Glass Wall With Door Glass Wall With Door.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Glass Ramp Blueprint.png Glass Ramp Glass Ramp.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Alphabet Workbench Blueprint.png Alphabet Workbench Alphabet Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Square Fence Blueprint.png Square Fence Wooden Fence D.png Wooden Fence E.pngWooden Fence G.png Coin Icon.png 2,500
Picket Fence Blueprint.png Picket Fence Wooden Fence B.png Wooden Fence C.pngWooden Fence F.png Coin Icon.png 2,500
Glass Corner Wall Blueprint.png Corner Glass Wall Glass Corner Wall.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Corner Plaster Wall Blueprint.png Corner Plaster Wall Corner Plaster Wall.png Coin Icon.png 1,000
Ramp Curved In Blueprint.png Ramp Curved In Ramp Curved In.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Ramp Curved Out Blueprint.png Ramp Curved Out Ramp Curved Out.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Apiary Blueprint.png Apiary Apiary.png Coin Icon.png 7,500
Butterfly Garden Blueprint.png Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden.png Coin Icon.png 10,000 Complete
"Butterfly Garden"
Dyeing Station Blueprint.png Dyeing Station Dyeing Station.png Coin Icon.png 7,500
Heverli Workbench Blueprint.png Heverli Workbench Heverli Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 10,000
Paintstation Blueprint.png Paint Station Paint Station.png Coin Icon.png 10,000
Carpets and Paintings Blueprints.png Carpets and Paintings Blank Carpet.pngBlank Painting.png Coin Icon.png 2,500 Paint Station
Modern Black Workbench Blueprint.png Modern Furniture Set Modern Black Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 25,000 Paint Station
Black Galaxy Workbench Blueprint.png Black Galaxy Furniture Set Black Galaxy Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 20,000 Paint Station
Pink Galaxy Workbench Blueprint.png Pink Galaxy Furniture Set Pink Galaxy Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 20,000 Paint Station
Rainbow Paw Workbench Blueprint.png Rainbow Paw Furniture Set Rainbow Paw Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 15,000 Paint Station
Colourful Splatter Workbench Blueprint.png Colourful Splatter Furniture Set Colourful Splatter Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 15,000 Paint Station
Ferret Habitat Blueprint.png Ferret Habitat Ferret Habitat.png Coin Icon.png 10,000 Paint Station
Forest Habitat Blueprint.png Forest Habitat Forest Habitat.png Coin Icon.png 10,000
Penguin Habitat Blueprint.png Penguin Habitat Penguin Habitat.png Coin Icon.png 5,000 Received "Waddle" letter
Candle Workbench Blueprint.png Candle Workbench Candle Workstation.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Candle Workbench Blueprint.png Medium Candle Workbench Candle Workstation.png Coin Icon.png 10,000 Candle Workbench
Candle Workbench Blueprint.png Large Candle Workbench Candle Workstation.png Coin Icon.png 15,000 Medium Candle Workbench
No Pick Zone.png No Pick Zone No Pick Zone.png Coin Icon.png 2,500
Plush Dog Bed Blueprint.png Plush Dog Bed Plush Dog Bed.png Coin Icon.png 2,500 Complete "Animal Products Collection"
Jewelry Workbench Blueprint.png Jewellery Workbench Jewellery Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 25,000
Street Lamp Blueprint.png Street Lamp Street Lamp.png Coin Icon.png 500 Workbench
Farm Decorations Blueprint.png Farm Decorations Hay Bale1.pngOpen Wooden Barrel.pngWooden Barrel.pngWood Pile Decoration.png Coin Icon.png 2,500 Workbench
Props Decorations Blueprints.png Props Blueprints Book Pile.pngStanding Books.pngPile of Coins.pngDecorative Diamond.pngDecoration Pineapple.pngGlass Pineapple.pngPineapple Table.pngRainbow Yarn.pngHoney Jar.png Coin Icon.png 10,000 Workbench
Wooden Overpass Blueprint.png Wooden Overpass Wooden Overpass.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Bridges Blueprint.png Bridges Blueprint Wooden Bridge.pngWooden Ramp (Curved).pngWooden Rope Bridge.pngWooden Tunnel.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Decoration Station Blueprint.png Decoration Station Decoration Station.png Coin Icon.png 7,500 Cooking Station
Dungeon Workbench Blueprint.png Dungeon Workbench Dungeon Workbench.png Coin Icon.png 2,500
Light Covered Bench Blueprint.png Garden Bench Light Covered Bench.pngDark Covered Bench.pngLight Arched Bench.pngDark Arched Bench.png Coin Icon.png 7,500 Wood Furniture Workbench
Toilet Bathtub Blueprint.png Toilet and Bathtub Toilet.pngOuthouse.pngBathtub.png Coin Icon.png 2,500 Wood Furniture Workbench
Super Shed Blueprint.png Super Shed Super Shed.png Coin Icon.png 10,000 Complete
"Super Shed"
Fish Drying Rack.png Fish Drying Rack Fish Drying Rack.png Coin Icon.png 10,000 Complete
"New Blueprint"
Fruit Tree Seedmaker.png Fruit Tree Seedmaker Fruit Tree Seedmaker.png Coin Icon.png 7,500 Complete
"Something Seedy"
Rose Furniture Blueprint.png Rose Furniture Blueprints Rose Table.pngRose Stool.pngRose Decoration.pngRose Chair.pngRose Carpet.pngRose Arch.png Coin Icon.png 10,000 Access to Kozita,
Complete "Rosey Furniture"
Piano Blueprint.png Floor Piano Floor Piano.png Coin Icon.png 10,000
Pool Blueprint.png Pool Pool.png Coin Icon.png 5,000
Laptop and TV Blueprints.png Laptop and TV Laptop.pngTV.png Coin Icon.png 10,000
Breeding Pen.png Breeding Pen and Treat Station Breeding Pen.pngTreat Station.png Coin Icon.png 20,000 Complete "Treat your Pets"
Ghost Fancy Cabinet.png Ghost Workbench Ghost Fancy Cabinet.png Coin Icon.png 20,000 Missing.png

Non-Blueprint Items[]

The following items can be purchased directly, instead of just the blueprint. R.A.M. Chips can be purchased from the small crate that appears next to Roman's stall after completing the R.A.M. Printer questline.

Blueprint Name Crafting Recipes Buy Price Requirement
RAM Plant Fiber Printer.png R.A.M. Plant Fiber Printer RAM Plant Fiber Printer.png Coin Icon.png 9,999 Complete "R.A.M. Unit"
RAM Wood Printer.png R.A.M. Wood Printer RAM Wood Printer.png Coin Icon.png 9,999 Complete "R.A.M. Unit"
RAM Stone Printer.png R.A.M. Stone Printer RAM Stone Printer.png Coin Icon.png 9,999 Complete "R.A.M. Unit"
Chip.png R.A.M. Chip See R.A.M. Chip for list of Chip types Coin Icon.png 250 Complete "R.A.M. Unit"