Furniture Brushes can be used to dye furniture, as well as glass building pieces.

For brushes that can paint walls and floors, see Paintbrushes.

Use[edit | edit source]

Holding a Furniture Brush, walk up to the furniture you want to dye, and press E to paint it.

Brushes are not consumed upon use.

A Sponge is required to remove the dye and restore the furniture back to it's original state.

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]

Crafting Furniture Brushes first requires the Paint Station Blueprint, which can be purchased from Roman for Coin Icon.png10,000.

Each Furniture Brush requires one Paintbrush and one Dye.

Name Image Crafting
Black Furniture Brush Black Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xBlack Dye.png
White Furniture Brush White Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xWhite Dye.png
Red Furniture Brush Red Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xRed Dye.png
Orange Furniture Brush Orange Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xOrange Dye.png
Yellow Furniture Brush Yellow Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xYellow Dye.png
Green Furniture Brush Green Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xGreen Dye.png
Blue Furniture Brush Blue Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xBlue Dye.png
Purple Furniture Brush Purple Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xPurple Dye.png
Pink Furniture Brush Pink Furniture Brush.png 1xPaintbrush.png1xPink Dye.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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