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A kitchen setup

Furniture Items are objects that can be placed in the world. Some can be interacted with, while others only serve as indoor or outdoor decorations.

Most furniture items can be dyed using Furniture Brushes.

Wiki Help Icon.png This page primarily covers decorative furniture and props. For a list of items that function as usable containers, see Storage.


There are several ways for the player to obtain furniture:

  • Crafting: The player can purchase the Furniture Blueprint Seller upgrade, which allows the player to buy and craft themed furniture sets.
  • Gifts: Occasionally the player might find a furniture item when opening Blue Mystery Boxes.
  • Quest Rewards: Some quests offer furniture pieces or blueprints as completion rewards.
  • Museum Collection Rewards: The player can earn furniture workbenches or blueprints through completing certain Museum collections.
  • Festivals: Seasonal furniture pieces can be won in minigames during the Summer Festival or Winter Festival, or purchased from stalls with festival tickets.

Some furniture pieces can fall into several of the above categories. For the purposes of this article, the furniture in the game will be divided into categories, such as Craftable Decorations, Furniture Sets, Garden or Seasonal Decorations, Dungeon Sets, etc. Categories may be added or adjusted as the catalog grows.

Craftable Furniture Pieces[]

Early Game Utilities[]

These functional furniture pieces can be crafted without buying any blueprints, but the player may need to complete simple quests or early-game requirements to unlock their crafting recipes. Some can only be crafted, others are sometimes sold by shopkeepers as well:

Blueprint Furniture and Decorations[]

Blueprints for the following items (or for the workbenches that make them) must be purchased from the Furniture Blueprint Seller, or earned through certain quests or more advanced requirements. It is possible to win some of them in festival minigames.

Blueprint Furniture Sets[]

The following sets are only craftable after first purchasing the blueprint for their corresponding workbench.

Wooden Furniture Workbench
Workbench WoodFurniture.png
Heverli Workbench
Heverli Workbench.png
Birch Wood Workbench
Birch Wood Workbench.png
Crystal Garden Workbench
Crystal Garden Workbench.png
Crystal Furniture Workbench
Crystal Furniture Workbench.png
Fancy Stone Workbench
Fancy Stone Workbench.png
Modern Black Workbench
Modern Black Workbench.png
Black Galaxy Workbench
Black Galaxy Workbench.png
Blue Galaxy Workbench
Blue Galaxy Workbench.png
Pink Galaxy Workbench
Pink Galaxy Workbench.png
Rainbow Paw Workbench
Rainbow Paw Workbench.png
Colourful Splatter Workbench
Colourful Splatter Workbench.png
Ghost Workbench
Ghost Fancy Cabinet.png
Mysterious Potion Desk
Mysterious Potion Desk.png

Purchase-Only Furniture[]

The following categories cover furniture and decorations that can only be purchased from shopkeepers, won in minigames, or found in loot crates:

Garden Decorations[]

Seasonal Decorations[]

These furniture pieces can be won in Festival mini-games or traded for season-specific currency (Bunny Tickets, Candy Wrappers, etc):

Pirate Decorations[]

These furniture items are only available to purchase from Petey for Golden Coins, or are unlocked through Petey's questline. Occasionally they can show up as random prizes in festival minigames.

Dungeon Sets[]

These furniture items are only sold in the Dungeon Shop for Dungeon Shards, or found as loot in Dungeon Chests. Occasionally they can show up as random prizes in festival minigames.

Kozita Furniture[]

Furniture only available while on Kozita.

Herb's Stalls[]

Items that can be purchased via Herb's Tropical Plants Stall and Garden Furniture Stall.

Dragon Statue Set[]

Dragon-themed items that can be purchased from Mina in exchange for Dragon Statues.