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About the Game

You have inherited your grandparents farm as they set off to travel the world. Explore the islands to collect materials and ingredients, and craft items to sell in your shop. Work with Frank, the local contractor, to expand your home, build a new barn and coop, and assist the locals in building up the town to reach its full potential. With each upgrade, new NPCs appear with their own items and quests.
Current game features:

Coming soon:

  • More bug fixes and performance increases
  • Nintendo Switch version

About Garden Paws

Garden Paws was officially released on Steam in December 2018, but is still in active development. A date is yet to be announced for the Nintendo Switch version, but the devs have been working hard on it!

For the latest updates and additions, check the Patch Notes, Steam News Hub, or Kickstarter Blog.

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Wiki Update Corner

  • Fandom is making changes to the site layout again that are inevitably going to break things, so there may be a few visual hiccups while we try to sort out their mess.
  • Note for Editors: Please do not fix the spelling for words like "colour" or "flavour". The devs are Canadian, and that is a correct alternative spelling for those words.
Last updated: September 2021

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