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Geodes are items that can be broken open to obtain ore.


There are several ways to obtain Geodes:

Geode Delivery[]

After purchasing the rights to the cave under the waterfall ("Own a Cave") and completing the "Waterfall Cave" quest from John Stone, the player will receive a daily delivery of 2x Geodes and 10x Coal. The delivery can be upgraded to include Crystal Geodes as well.


Geodes can be broken open one at a time at an anvil. Each Geode has a chance to drop stone and ores.

Approximate drop rates are based off 4,000 geodes:

Further into the game, the player will gain access to blueprints for a Geode Processor, which can break up to 50 at a time (one full stack) of Geodes or Crystal Geodes.


Geodes are used to craft the following items:


The following quests require Geodes:

AcornAlpaca FiberAmethystAquamarineBee NestBirch WoodBirch Wooden BoardBottleCitrineCoalCopper BarCopper OreCrystal GeodeDelicate FurDiamondDuck FeatherEmeraldFeatherFlintGeodeGlassGold BarGold OreGarnetGold PoopHayLarge Wooden BoardMallard FeatherMarbleMystic QuartzOld BottlePaperPlant FiberPoopQuartzRainbow PoopRopeRubySandSapphireSilver BarSilver OreSnowballStardustStoneTall GrassTree TrunkWoodWooden PoleWooden BoardWool