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The Geode Processor is an item that can break open Geodes and Crystal Geodes in bulk, speeding up the collection of ore and gems.


Obtaining the Geode Processor crafting blueprint is not possible until certain requirements have been met:

  1. The town must have experienced the Earthquake (Spring 6, Year 2)
  2. The Waterfall Passage has been opened ("Collapsed Track")
  3. The Waterfall Cave rights have been purchased from the Town Hall for Coin Icon.png60,000 coins

Geode Processor Questline[]

After the player has purchased the Waterfall Cave, they must speak to Beltran to complete the following quests:

Note: It is possible to get the Geode Processor as a rare prize in festival minigames, which would allow the player to make use of the machine before officially unlocking the related questlines.


To use the Geode Processor, place up to 1 full stack of Geodes or Crystal Geodes into the internal slot.

At the top of every hour, the process will complete and the workstation can be opened to retrieve the items.

Because the Geode Processor only converts items when the hour begins, the actual time in game when you place a stack inside will affect how quickly the items will be ready. Items placed at 12:45 will be ready much sooner than items placed at 12:15, for example.