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Ghost Cat is a special mount that is only available to players who own both Garden Paws and Potion Paws on the same gaming platform.

Ghost Cat SS.png
Spooky cuteness

Once requirements are met and the player has received the "Mysterious Goods" letter, the Ghost Cat can be found inside Duck Pond Cave.

From then on it will spawn in the cave in any Story Mode world on that account.


To tame the Ghost Cat, feed it 1x Stardust for 10 consecutive days, then lead it to a Crystal Paw habitat.

The Ghost Cat will respawn like other animals, so it is possible to tame more than one.


As a mount, the Ghost Cat is much faster than the player, but has a lower jump height.

When kept in a Plush Dog Bed, the Ghost Cat very rarely has a chance to drop a Fallen Star or Stardust. It will not drop anything while on a Crystal Paw.

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