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Gliders are items that allow the player to glide in the air over long distances.

Gliding Over Town.gif
Gliding over the town (Click for animated version)

They are useful for crossing bodies of water too large to swim across, or just jumping off a high point and taking a shortcut.


Gliders are not available to to craft or purchase[1] until the player meets Alberto in the Forest Region and completes the Glider questline, beginning with "Alberto Crashed!".

After Alberto moves to the Town of Florens, the player learns to craft a Basic Glider, and will be able to purchase a variety of gliders from his Glider Shop.


  • The Basic Glider can be crafted from the Quick Crafting Menu.
  • Designer gliders can be purchased from Alberto.
    • Flower Gliders and the Cloud Glider must be unlocked by completing collections for the Museum.
    • Butterfly and Angel Gliders are unlocked via quests.
  • It is possible to win a glider of any type (except Steampunk) in a Festival minigame or from a Blue Mystery Box.

How To Use a Glider[]

  1. Equip a glider in the Glider slot in your inventory (in the left-most column, marked by a white Wiki Wings Icon.png wing icon)
  2. Double jump or press U to activate the glider. It can be activated both standing still and while moving. Using the glider while standing still will make your character jump and slowly float down in the same spot.
  3. When the glider is in use, press W to move forward faster (you will see 'air trails' coming off the tips of the glider), and press A and D to slowly turn the glider in the air. You cannot move backward while a glider is active.
  4. Landing on the ground will automatically deactivate the glider. You can also press the jump button in midair to put it away and drop down. A glider that is put away mid-air cannot be activated again until you land.

Glider List[]

All gliders provide the same gliding ability despite appearances.



  1. A glider brought from another world or received from another player can be used before Alberto's quests are completed.
  2. The icons are the same for the Butterfly Glider/Blue Pink Butterfly Glider, and the Butterfly Galaxy Glider/Galaxy Butterfly Glider, but they are separate items.
  3. Both Steampunk Gliders are limited items that were only available to kickstarter backers.