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Welcome to the Garden Paw's Wiki Glossary! Here you can find definitions of various words and phrases you may see around the wiki that you may not understand. This page was made to provide further clarification where it was deemed necessary, and is a work in progress.

Please note that examples described on this page may be hypothetical, and solely to provide better understanding in context.

Infobox Fields[]

Note: Not all fields need to be filled out. But if an infobox has a "Missing White Icon.png" showing in one of the fields as a default, that means it's probably a useful bit of information that the player may want to know.

"Quest Type"[]

Quest Type refers to what general actions are needed to complete the quest. More than one quest type can apply to a single quest. The following are the most commonly-used:

  • Talk - The player just needs to speak to the same or another NPC.
  • Gather - The item(s) needed can simply be picked up or harvested with a basic tool.
  • Crafting - The item(s) requested must be crafted at a workstation.
  • Cooking - The items are food of some kind that require a Cooking Station, Stone Oven, Campfire Grill, etc.
  • Purchase - The player needs to hand over coins for something, even if they're not technically "buying" anything.
  • Delivery - If an NPC gives the player something that must be turned in to a different NPC (e.g. "Flying Mysteries").
  • Mining - Quests requiring Coal, Marble, Geodes, Ore, or Gems.
  • Smelting - Quests requiring metal bars or Glass.
  • Fishing - The item(s) needed can only be obtained through fishing.
  • Unlock - The only purpose of the quest is to trigger something important. If other quest types also apply, note what has been unlocked in the "new_info" field instead.
  • Informational - The only purpose of the quest is to educate or inform the player about something. If other quest types also apply, add the information learned to the "new_info" field instead.


Quest Requirements are fuzzy sometimes, and can have exceptions on a case-by-case basis. However they generally fall into two categories - triggers/access and tool/workstations:

If there is no obvious requirement, just leave the field blank. If you're not sure, you can manually add a {{Missing}} tag there, and someone else will help out when they come across it.

1. An action, event, or quest needed to trigger a questline or unlock access to an item, area, or NPC. (If the quest is in the middle of a quest chain, the previous quest is obviously a requirement, and should already be listed in the "Previous Quest" field.)
  • "Access to the Ruins Area"
  • "Purchased the Inn upgrade"
  • "Purchased the Barn from the Upgrade Table
  • "Play until Fall 15, Year 2"
  • "Complete "Rare Flowers" collection for the Museum"
  • "Must be Winter"
  • "Complete [[Quest from another character]]"
2. A tool or workstation needed to craft or collect items the client asks for.

Things that are NOT requirements: The previous quest, having X items in the player's inventory

Plant Yield Information[]

"Wild Yield"[]

Wild Yield refers to the amount harvested from a wild plant.

  • Ex. The number of Blue Hydrangea gained from a single wild harvest can range from 1-2. (So harvesting 4 wild Blue Hydrangeas would yield a minimum of 4 to a maximum 8 Blue Hydrangeas.)

"Home Yield"[]

Home Yield refers to the amount harvested from a player-grown plant.

  • Ex. The number of Red Mushroom gained from a single player-grown harvest can range from 1-3. (So harvesting 4 player-grown Red Mushrooms would yield a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 12 Red Mushrooms.)

"Chance to gather +1 from Home Yield"[]

Chance to gather +1 from Home Yield refers to the percentage of how likely the player can get more then one drop from a single harvest.

  • Ex. The number of Lavender gained from a single player-grown harvest can range from 1-3. If there is a 45% chance to gather +1 from Home Yield, the player has a 45% chance of getting more then one Lavender each yield. Basically, for 100 harvested player-grown Lavender, there is a chance they will end up with 45 extra. (Yes, there is planning and math involved. Not for the faint of heart.)


Notices are the banners you sometimes see above pages, often with alert messages. These can be spoiler warnings, requests for editing help, or just general information.



Cleanup refers to the process of improving articles which have been deemed 'messy'. An article may be deemed as such if it has poor spelling, grammar or punctuation, is too wordy, or if it is not laid out well according to the Wikipedia manual of style and the conventions used on this wiki.

A current list of articles marked as requiring cleanup can be found in the cleanup category.

Adding a notice[]

Please add the {{Cleanup}} template near to, or at the top of the article, adding a datestamp (see the template's page for usage). Then, if it is not immediately obvious why you have tagged the page, put something on the talk page to indicate what needs cleaning up.

Cleaning up[]

Anybody is welcome to clean up articles. Take a look at the cleanup list to find an article that needs cleanup, and reformat it as well as you are able. Once you are done, add something to the article's talk page to say that you have cleaned it up, and remove the cleanup template so that it is no longer marked.

Help Notice[]


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