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Habitats are structures used to raise, tame, or display specific animals.


Some habitats can be purchased from Frank's Upgrade Table, some need to be crafted from Blueprints purchased from the Furniture Blueprint Seller, and others are received as rewards for quests or completing Museum collections.


  • The Chicken Coop and Barn built by Frank can be upgraded twice to hold up to 9 animals each.
  • The Duck Pond built by Mr. Jones can be upgraded once to hold 6 animals.
  • Craftable habitats cannot be upgraded.

Habitat List[]

The following table outlines existing habitats and animals along with the requirements for obtaining each habitat:

Face Spirals.png

Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.

Habitat  Slots  Requirements Animals
3-9 Complete
"Building the Barn"
Calf.pngCow.pngBaby Alpaca.pngAlpaca.pngLamb.pngSheep.pngSheep Pink.pngSheep Black.png
Baby Goat.pngGoat.pngGoat Black.pngMountain Goat.pngPiglet.pngPig.pngHippo.png
Craftable Barn
Craftable Barn.png
6 Open "It's Cold Outside" mail for blueprint Same as regular barn
Bunny Habitat
Bunny Habitat.png
6 Complete
"Bunny Home"
Bunny White.pngBunny Brown.pngBunny Blue.pngBunny Green.pngBunny Pink.pngBunny Purple.pngBunny Black and White.png
Cat Habitat
Cat Habitat.png
3 Complete "Cat Home" Cat.pngBlack Cat.pngWhite Caped Cat.pngBlack Caped Cat.png
Chicken Coop
Chicken Coop.png
3-9 Purchase from
Upgrade Table
Chick.png Chicken.png
Craftable Coop
Habitat Coop.png
6 Open "New Coop" mail for blueprint Chick.pngChicken.pngChicken.pngDuckling.pngDuck.pngMallard Duckling.pngDuck Mallard.png
Duck Pond
Duck Pond.png
3-6 Complete
"Duck Habitat Resources"
Duckling.pngDuck.pngMallard Duckling.pngDuck Mallard.png
Dog House
Dog House.png
1 Complete
"Animal Product Collection"
Dung Beetle Habitat
Dung Beetle Habitat.png
1 Collect 100x Poop Beetle Black.pngBeetle Green.pngBeetle Blue.pngBeetle Fire.pngBeetle Rainbow 1.pngBeetle Rainbow 2.pngBeetle Gold.png
Ferret Habitat
Ferret Habitat.png
1 Purchase from
Furniture Blueprint Seller
Ferret.pngGrey Ferret.png
Forest Habitat
Forest Habitat.png
4 Purchase from
Furniture Blueprint Seller
Fox.pngArctic Fox.pngKitsune Fox.pngLegendary Kitsune Fox.pngLegendary Night Fox.pngStone Fox.pngSkunk.png
Hedgehog.pngBear.pngBlack Bear.pngPolar Bear.pngDeer.pngDeer Elk.png
Horse Stable
2 Complete
"How to build a Stable."
Foal.pngHorse.pngHorse White.pngHorse Black.pngUnicorn.pngPegasus.png
Penguin Habitat
Penguin Habitat.png
5 Purchase from
Furniture Blueprint Seller
Small Black Penguin.pngBlack Penguin.pngPink Penguin.pngBlue Penguin.pngBig Penguin.pngGalaxy Penguin.png
6 Purchase from
Furniture Blueprint Seller
Bottled Bee.png
Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden.png
6 Purchase from
Furniture Blueprint Seller
Bottled Butterfly.png
Robot Box
Robot Box.png
1 Complete
"Happy Robot"
Crystal Paw
Crystal Paw.png
1 Own Potion Paws Ghost Cat.png

Habitats cannot be dyed with Furniture Brushes or Paintbrushes.

Habitats cannot be dyed at a Dyeing Station.

Related Items[]

These items are designed to display animals, but are not considered habitats and cannot be used to tame wild creatures:

Animal ListTaming and RaisingBreedingFeed TroughHabitatsMountsAnimal Sanctuary
AlpacaArctic FoxAxolotlAxolotl EggBaby AlpacaBaby AxolotlBaby BunnyBaby CatBaby GoatBaby Snowy OwlBaby TortoiseBaby DogBaby FoxBearBig BunnyBig ChickenBig PenguinBunnyCalfCaped CatCatChickChickenChipmunkCowDark DragonDeerDogDuckDucklingDung BeetleElephantElkFall DragonFairy DragonFerretFoalFoxGalaxy PenguinGhost CatGoatGrey FerretHedgehogHippoHorseKitsune FoxLambLegendary AxolotlLegendary BeetleLegendary KitsuneLegendary Night FoxMallard DuckMallard DucklingMountain GoatPegasusPenguinPigPigletPolar BearRainbow DragonSheepSkeleton HorseSkunkSnowy OwlSnowy Owl EggSpring DragonStone FoxSummer DragonTortoiseTortoise EggUnicornWinter Dragon