The Halloween Island was released on October 26th, 2018 and was the first island to be introduced in the game. The island is known for its spooky music, seasonal clothing items, and maze mini-game.


The player must complete the "Ferry Ride" quest in order to to reach the Halloween Island.

  • After helping Captain Conrad, a sign will appear at the dockyard the following day. The sign can be used to travel to the island.
  • The island is only available to the player every fall season. During this time, the player can visit the island at anytime. 


The island uses a separate money system then that of the Main Island. Natives of the Halloween Island use Pump Coins, where one Pump Coin is the equivalent of 2,500 Coins.


The player has a few a things that they can do while at the island:

Maze Mini-game Edit

The maze mini game is held by Kojo every fall season at the Halloween Island. The player is tasked with exploring the Maze, with the goal of finding the Pumpkin Trophy.

Costume ShopEdit

If the player has enough Pump Coins, they can spend them buying seasonal clothing items from Cyrus. These clothing items can only be found at the Halloween Island.


There are numerous chests scattered around the island that contains Pump Coins and other items.


  • The player's energy resets to the default energy level once they arrive at the island
  • The island's map does not show clearly show the landscape of the island. This is a known bug
  • Animals on your normal island stay fed and no items are produced
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