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A Hammer is a tool used to pick up furniture and items that have been placed in the world by the player.

It is often used in conjunction with the Item Shifter.


When the player is holding the Hammer, a glowing red "tether" reaches out from the hammer and snaps to whatever object the player is looking at. The name of the object is shown above it.

Pressing E to use the hammer will remove the object from the world and return it to the player's inventory.

Selection Menu[]

If an object is not directly reachable by the hammer, the player can press "F" to open the Selection Menu. All nearby removable objects will appear at the top of the screen as buttons.

Selecting one of these buttons will remove that item from the world as if the Hammer was used normally. This method can be useful for getting at or finding smaller decorative objects that might get lost or hidden inside or behind larger ones.