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Hatchery is a habitat used to incubate eggs found in the wild.


  • 1x Hatchery is a reward for Poppy's quest "Snowy Egg". The quest also provides the blueprint, which allows the player to craft one at a Workbench.
  • 1x Hatchery is a reward for Mina's quest "Dragon Egg".
  • They can also be found randomly in Loot Chests.


Place a Snowy Owl Egg or Dragon Egg in the Hatchery and pet it once per day for the required number of days per egg type.

Hatchery with Egg.png

Only 1 egg can be placed in a Hatchery at a time, but it can be taken out and put back at any point, without losing the growth progress for the egg.

When an egg is in the Hatchery nest, the light inside turns on.