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The Heverli Workbench is used to craft the patio-themed Heverli furniture set.

Heverli Furniture Set.png
Heverli Furniture Set


The Blueprint for the Heverli Workbench can be purchased from Roman through the Furniture Blueprint Seller.

Crafting Recipes[]

The following items that can be crafted from the Heverli Workbench.


  • The Heverli Workbench introduced one of the first Kickstarter Furniture Sets in the game. The set's concept and design were suggested by kickstarter-backer Hash. The set was released alongside the Crystal Garden furniture set on June 12th, 2019 in v1.2.1e.
  • The Heverli Workbench can be painted with Furniture Brushes, however many of the furniture pieces crafted with it cannot.