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The Inventory is a popup menu (shortcut key I) that the player uses to manage the items they carry.

Moving ItemsEdit

The default way to move items and stacks is to left click and drag them to a new space. But there are keyboard shortcuts as well:

Shift+Drag: Splits the stack in half.
Ctrl+Drag: Removes 1 item from the stack.
Right click or double click: Quickly moves an item between inventories, to the first empty slot.

If only the main inventory is open, right/double-click will move items between the hotbar or clothing slots, depending on the type of item.

Autodeposit: Pressing F next to a container will automatically fill it with any items in your inventory that match items already inside the container.

Inventory TypesEdit

There are 3 kinds of inventory slots: main inventory, cosmetic, and hotbar. Players will move items between them as they play.

Main InventoryEdit

A new character starts out with 10 main inventory slots. More space can eventually be added by purchasing backpack upgrades from Boris, or shop/house upgrades from the Upgrade Table.

In total, the inventory can be expanded to a maximum of 36 slots.

Cosmetic SlotsEdit

There are 7 vertical slots to the left of the main inventory. The first 5 correspond to specific Clothing types: Hat items, Face items, Body items, Back items (vanity Wings or Backpacks), and Bottoms. The last two are for Gliders and Pets/Mounts.

Cosmetic slots will only accept items from their corresponding categories.

Double- or right-clicking a cosmetic item will replace any items currently in that slot type. For more information, see Clothing.


The Hotbar is the row of 8 slots at the bottom of the screen that correspond to shortcut keys 1-8.

  • When the main inventory is closed, the number keys 1-8 or the mouse wheel can be used to change the active item selection.
  • When the main inventory is open, items can be directly dragged to and from the Hotbar.

Hotbar with items in slots 1-7

When a Hotbar item is selected, pressing the action key (E) or clicking the mouse will "use" the item. Actions vary depending on the item itself and what it is being used on. For example, pressing E while holding food will cause the character to consume it. But pressing E while holding a tool will swing or use the tool. If the item in hand is not appropriate for the action, a small popup will inform the player.

Picking up or receiving an item while one of the Hotbar slots is empty will cause the item to be placed in the empty slot in the Hotbar, even if there is an existing non-full stack of the same item in the main inventory. To avoid this so items are correctly added to main inventory stacks, you can 'pad' your Hotbar with tools or other items.

Hot Bar AccessoriesEdit

Hot Bar Accessories are items the player must simply hold in the currently-active Hotbar slot in order to use. Unlike regular tools however, Hotbar accessories cannot be "used on" other items.


The main inventory can be upgraded to a total of 36 slots.

  • Upgrades only expand the number of inventory slots. They do not give the player a backpack item.
  • Actual backpack items that can be placed in the accessory slot have no effect on inventory size.
  • Like most upgrades, inventory expansions do not apply immediately. They come into effect the day after they are purchased.

Storage Shop UpgradesEdit

Item Name Buy Price Slots
Backpack Upgrade Backpack Upgrade Coin Icon 2,000 +5 Inventory
Backpack Upgrade Bigger Backpack Upgrade Coin Icon 25,000 +5 Inventory
Backpack Upgrade Huge Backpack Upgrade Coin Icon 50,000 +6 Inventory

Upgrade TableEdit

Item Name Buy Price Slots
Shop 2 Shop 2 Coin Icon 500 +5 Inventory
Home Upgrade Living Room Upgrade Coin Icon 50,000 +5 Inventory

Inventory expansions are character-specific, and cannot be 'downgraded'. A character with 25 unlocked inventory slots will still have 25 slots when visiting a new world where no upgrades have been purchased.

Multiplayer and Inventory ExpansionEdit

When visiting another world where inventory expansions have been purchased, your character's inventory will increase to match the current world, and remain so when going back to a new world. This is intentionally geared toward multiplayer games, to prevent loss of items when returning to your original world with a full inventory.

You will be able to purchase inventory upgrades in your own world afterward, but they will not increase your inventory size past the maximum of 36.


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