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Item Shifter is a tool used to move furniture and items that have been placed by the player.

It is often used in conjunction with the Hammer.


When placing an object in the world, sometimes the alignment is difficult to get right. A player might find themselves using the Hammer repeatedly to pick up and re-adjust placement. Turning on Grid Placement can help, but is not very precise. The Item Shifter however, allows for fine-tuning the movement and angles of placed objects without the need to remove them and place them again.

The Item Shifter is a decorator's best friend. If you are the kind of player who loves to build and showcase your artistic creativity, this is a must-have in your toolbox.


The Item Shifter can be confusing to use at first, but this will hopefully help break it down:

  • With the Item Shifter in the active Hotbar slot, a glowing red "tether" will appear when the player is near a placeable object. The tether will snap to the nearest movable object.
  • When the tether is snapped to the object you wish to adjust, press CTRL to "lock" it to that object. This way you can move your character around without worry that you'll lose the target.

If it is the first time the Item Shifter is used, a vertical glowing blue and orange line[1] (see screenshots below) will be hovering above the object with the options "[E] Shift Item Up" and "[F] Shift Item Down" to the side. Pressing the respective keys will slightly push the object up or down.

  • If Up/Down is not what you want, you can press R to cycle through 5 other options (6 in total):
Shift Item Up
Shift Item Down
Shifter UpDown.png 2
Shift Item Left
Shift Item Right
Shifter LeftRight.png 3
Shift Item Forward
Shift Item Back
Shifter ForwardBack.png
Rotate Item Left
Rotate Item Right
Shifter RotateLR.png 5
Rotate Item Up
Rotate Item Down
Shifter RotateUD.png 6
Rotate Item Forward
Rotate Item Back
Shifter RotateFB.png
  • Rotation of an object is slighly tricky to describe, because different objects rotate differently depending on size or orientation. Usually it will rotate around the center of the object itself, but you can always move it back the other way if it's not what you want.
  • Item Shifter in Use (animated)

    If you hold Shift while pressing E or F, the object will move further in either direction at each press. Holding "Alt" will fine tune the movements even further.[2]

To exit Item Shifter mode, press ESC or use the mouse scrollwheel to change the active hotbar slot.

When targeting a new item, the last setting the Shifter was left at is the one that appears over the object. 

Selection Menu[]

If an object is not directly reachable by the Item Shifter, the player can press "Space" to open the Selection Menu, which lists all nearby movable objects as buttons at the top of the screen (similar to the F selection menu for the Hammer).

Selecting one of these buttons will lock the Item Shifter onto the object as if the player pressed CTRL. This method can be useful for getting at or finding smaller decorative objects that might get lost or hidden inside or behind larger ones.


Item Shifter used to be called "Boinker" In early stages of the game.


  1. The right/left blue and orange sides of the line may be on opposite sides for different objects, depending on the direction the default "front" of the object is facing.
  2. Since the WASD keys are not connected to Shifter mechanics, it is possible to move the player character around while also holding Shift/Alt and tapping E/F all at the same time. The usefulness of this ability is limited, but can work for quickly moving multiple foundations or objects laid out in a row without stopping.