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Kart is a ridable vehicle.


The player receives 1x Kart plus its blueprint as a reward for completing a series of quests for Max, an NPC living on a small islet north of Kozita's main island.


To mount the Kart, place the item in your hotbar and scroll over to it. The character will automatically get on the Kart and remain inside as long as that hotbar slot is selected.

To dismount, select another hotbar slot or move the Kart item to the main Inventory.

Like the Tractor, the Kart uses tank controls, meaning the key or button to press to move forward changes depending on where the vehicle is facing. But the Kart has a few extra actions that the Tractor does not.

  • W and S to move forward/back (relative to the front of the Kart)
  • A and D to rotate in place
  • Space to jump
  • F to get a speed boost
  • Q to spin out
  • R to stop

It can help to hold down the right mouse button while moving, to have more control over where the camera is facing.


It is possible to use the Kart while already riding an animal mount. The Kart appears beneath the mount, and the combination ends up looking like a toy animal with wheels. Controls remain the same as riding the Kart separately. Originally this was unintended, but the player base enjoyed the visual, so it was kept as a 'feature'.