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Kozita is a late-game area the player can travel to in Year 4. It consists of 3 main landmasses: the Main Island (described here), Rock Island, and a Mountain Region.

Kozita Dock

Travel back and forth to Florens once the dock is complete

Herb's Shop

Choose from a new selection of beautiful items

Animal Sanctuary

Help Aviana complete the Animal Sanctuary

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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.


Kozita will not be accessible until Spring 1, Year 4. After completing a series of quests for Captain Conrad (see "Quests" below), the Ship Upgrade will become available on the Upgrade Table for Coin Icon.png250,000. Purchasing the upgrade will set up a new sign on the dock that can be activated to travel to a "Mysterious Island".

Upon arriving, the ship will get wrecked on the island and you will be stuck there for a minimum of 4 days while Conrad rebuilds the ship: 1 day for Conrad to ask around for help, and 3 days to grow the Pineapples required for one of the quests.


There are resources on Kozita to craft whatever you need, so you can bring the tools you already have. A Basic Fishing Pole is recommended over silver, gold, or cosmetic, since it has a higher chance to catch Small Fish.

However to make progression a little easier, the following are recommended to bring along, since the way back will be blocked initially:

Reopening the Dock[]

After the ship is completed, you can return to the Main Island and freely travel between both locations. Further resources are required to build the dock, but at that point since travel is open and the items can more easily be obtained.

As with traveling to other islands, plant growth and animal taming will be paused on the Main Island while away.

Map of Kozita[]

"Kozita" is actually the name for the entire archipelago, but it can also refer to the Main Island that players start out on. The full map is made up of three large landmasses and a handful of tiny isles. The other islands cannot be visited until completing the Druid's questline to remove the thorns to reach Rock Island and the Mountain Region.

Kozita Map Full.png

Main Island[]

Only one of Kozita's main landmasses is accessible at first, along with a smaller island to the north. They are surrounded by an impassible ring of thorns, similar to the ones initially blocking the Ruins Area on the Main Island.

Kozita Map Icons.png


The following characters are accessible when first visiting the Main Island of Kozita:


The Dock[]

Initially the dock will not be available. The player must complete Captain Conrad's quests to restore the boat and dock before they can leave the island again.

Once it is complete, they can travel back and forth freely.

Herb's Shop[]

Near Conrad along the shore is Herb, who sells seeds for new kinds of plants such as Pineapples, Lime Trees, and various colors of Lavender.

Sanctuary Box.jpg

Once the Kozita dock is built, the player will have the opportunity to expand Herb's shop to sell Rose Seeds, Tropical Plants, and Garden Furniture.

Animal Sanctuary[]

At the center of the island is the Animal Sanctuary, run by Aviana.

When the player first visits, none of the sanctuary habitats are completed. As the habitat boxes are filled with the required animals and items, the Sanctuary will take shape and grant special rewards.

Max's Island[]

The island to the north can be accessed by gliding from the top of the hill at the very tip of the main island, or using a Raft on the water. On it can be found:

Completing quests for Max will earn the player their own Kart, which can be used to get around the island much faster than an animal mount.

Fast Travel[]

Once the player has reached Rock Island and begun the Broken Mine quests for Digore, there will be a Fast Travel Minecart along the shore north of Herb's shop. When completed, it can link to 2 other Minecarts on Rock Island and the Mountain Region.

Kozita Mineshaft Main Island.jpg
Main Island Fast Travel Mineshaft


The following can be found scattered across the main island:


  • Crystal Geodes can only be found at the very northern tip of the main island, at the bottom of the cliff.


Some plants, such as Pineapple and colored Lavender, do not begin appearing until after the player has been on Kozita for several days.


Usable Objects[]

New Items[]

Kozita introduces two new vehicles: a Kart and a Raft. Both can be used by placing them in an active hotbar slot.


Access to the Island[]

The questline to build a ship to reach Kozita begins by speaking to Captain Conrad on Spring 1, Year 4.

Shipwreck Quests[]

Once the boat is built, taking it brings the player to Kozita, but at the cost of a shipwreck. The player is stuck on the island until the boat and dock are fixed.

Main Island Quests[]

The following quests do not involve the boat or dock, and can be completed separately:

Removing the Thorns[]

The questline to remove the thorns to access the rest of Kozita is as follows:

Beetle Black.png Known Issues[]

Most issues with Kozita are due to it still being in active development.

  • Fallen Stars will sometimes appear to stop falling in mid-air above the river. This is not a true bug, but a side effect of the thorns blocking the rest of the map from player access. The stars get stuck on the invisible barrier, and can't land on the ground. Once the mountain and forest sections are unlocked, Fallen Stars will be retrievable as intended.
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