Main Island Map

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The Main Island is where the player spends most of their time in the game. The island is filled with a wide range of various plants, trees, and resources that the player can use to expand.  


The island uses coins as its main currency.

Exchange Rate

  • 2,500 coins is the equivalent of 1 Pump Coin


The island initially has 13 local residents, but can increase as the player unlocks more newcomers to the island. Currently, there is a total of 33 residents that can live on the island (excluding seasonal characters). This will change overtime as more residents are introduced, as the game is still in active development.


The island has relatively hilly terrain, the player can find many breathtaking views by simply standing atop a tall hill. Tall palm trees can be found on the outskirts of the island, overlooking the the vast ocean. There are also many caves that can be found hidden behind big rocks that contain valuable resources.




There are many sites to see on the island: