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The Main Island of Florens is where the player spends most of their time in the game.

While collectively called the "Main Island", Florens is made up of 3 large connected landmasses surrounded by a collection of Outer Islands.


Most of Florens is hilly terrain, with a Forest Region to the northwest, the Town of Florens to the south, a central plains area serving as the Player Home Region, and a northeast Waterfall Region offering the highest vantage point. Nine caves can be found scattered across the map.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the island's regions, see Detailed Map.


The Main Island is filled with a range of plants, trees, and resources:


Florens initially has 13 local residents, but over 20 more characters (excluding seasonal NPCs) will move to the island as the player progresses through quests and helps expand the town.

The island uses Coins as its main currency.