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Mallard Duckling is the baby version of the Mallard Duck.


Mallard Ducklings will not be available in game until completing the following requirements:


Ducklings can be:

Raising Mallard Ducklings[]

To raise a Mallard Duckling, it must be placed in a Duck Pond or a portable Chicken Coop (not the main one on the farm), and fed Bird Feed for 7 consecutive days.

They can be fed automatically when in range of a Feed Trough containing Bird Feed.

Duckling vs Duck Sizes[]

The difference between maturity phases for Mallard Ducks is very subtle, and may look to some players like there was no change.

Mallard Ducklings look very similar to Mallard Ducks, but have larger eyes and a smaller head-to-body ratio. Adults have larger heads compared to their bodies:


Mallard Duckling will drop 1x Poop or Gold Poop every morning. They do not drop feathers or eggs.

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