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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.

Mina is a dragon enthusiast who can be found on a small islet south of Rock Island in western Kozita.


The player will not be able to meet Mina until the thorns have been cleared from around Kozita's Main Island. Her quest chain only begins after helping the miners on Rock Island fix up their camp.


Mina is obsessed with dragons, but is frustrated that nobody else seems to believe her that they really exist. She is determined to find them, explaining that they were all over the island before the thorns and corruption took over Kozita.

According to Roe, who shares the island with her, Mina is not originally from Kozita. She is visiting to try and find dragons in the area. Roe has the player craft a tent to encourage Mina to stay on the island.

Search for Dragons[]

Mina asks the player to be on the lookout for Dragon Eggs, and directs them to the oasis in the western part of the Mountain Region, where she heard a rumor that there was a nest. Opening the map (M) after this part of her questline shows a yellow circle indicating where the nest can be found.

After retrieving the egg and bringing it back to Mina, she is disappointed to see that it is not a real egg, but a prank the miners have a history of playing on her: carving scales into a stone and hiding it for her to find.

She returns the Fake Dragon Egg (which can then be placed as a decorative furniture item), and says to keep an eye out for any real ones.

After the player finds their first real Dragon Egg, Mina rewards them with a Hatchery and explains how to raise them.

Dragon Statues[]

As a show of friendship to any dragons in the area, Mina hid Dragon Statues all over the island. Jasper the miner further explains that she decorated the statues with precious gemstones to entice the dragons.

Mina hides 20 statues around Kozita every year. Speaking to her at any point after she first mentions the statues will allow the player to see how many are left to find. Choosing "Ask about statues" will have her reply "I believe there are ## statues around the island at the moment."

Both Mina and the miners are interested in collecting any statues the player finds, offering rewards in exchange.

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