Steam Workshop integration is planned for the near future, but until it goes live, you can find available mods on this page. Be careful when downloading any external files, and always run virus checks.

Installing ModsEdit

For mods not available through the Steam Workshop:


  1. Close Garden Paws if it is running.
  2. Download the .zip archive file for the mod you want to use.
  3. Navigate to the GP data folder:
         Windows: %AppData%\..\LocalLow\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\Mods
         Mac: /Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/com.BittenToast.Gardenpaws/Mods
  4. If there is no Mods folder in the main GardenPaws folder, create one.
  5. Unzip the archive file into GardenPaws\Mods, under a new folder with the mod's name.
    There should now be a new "..\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\Mods\Modname" folder with the mod's files inside.
  6. Delete the original zip file if you wish.
  7. Relaunch Garden Paws.


  1. Close Garden Paws if it is running.
  2. Navigate to the Mods folder:
         Windows: %AppData%\..\LocalLow\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\Mods
         Mac: /Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/com.BittenToast.Gardenpaws/Mods
  3. Delete the folder belonging to the mod you want to remove.
  4. Relaunch Garden Paws.


NOTICE: The following mods are not created by Bitten Toast Games or associated with the Garden Paws wiki game content. Using these mods is done at your own risk.

Make sure you trust the sources and run virus checks on everything you download.

Mod ListEdit

Mod Description Author Required Mod Last Updated
modname (linked) moddesc username (linked) if applicable date

If you are unsure about a specific mod for any reason, don't hesitate to ask for help or confirmation in the #modding-corner channel on the Bitten Toast Discord.

Using Custom Skins and FacesEdit

An official Skin Editor is planned for the Steam Workshop. Until it is available, you can download and use a separate Skin Editor program, provided by the developers.

Once you have a custom skin or face you'd like to use:

  1. Close Garden Paws if it is running.
  2. Navigate to the GP data folder:
         Windows: %AppData%\..\LocalLow\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\Skins
         Mac: /Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/com.BittenToast.Gardenpaws/Skins
  3. If there is no Skins folder in the main GardenPaws folder, create one.
  4. Create another new folder inside the Skins folder, with the name of your skin. Make sure it is a unique name that won't conflict with another skin.
  5. Place your .png skin file inside the named folder. The path to your new skin file should look something like this: "..\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\Skins\SkinName\SkinName.png"
    You will need to ceate a new folder for each specific skin file, or it will not show up in game.
  6. Relaunch Garden Paws.

For custom faces, follow the same as above but with a "Faces" folder instead of "Skins".

The new Skin or Face should now show up in the Customize Character menus, with the following differences:

  • Your skin will show up on all animal tabs, regardless of what base it was intended for.
  • Custom skins will not have the same "face" thumbnail as official skins, but will show the full png file instead.
  • Since the file is local, other players will not be able to see your custom skin. It will only be visible to you.
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