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Mountain Goats are farm animals that produce Goat Milk.


Mountain Goats can only be tamed in the wild, or won from Animal Mystery Boxes/Animal Mystery Bags and Festival games.

There is currently no baby version of the Mountain Goat.


There are 2 Mountain Goats on ledges protruding from the southern side of the waterfall cliff, across from the Ruins Area

For specific locations, see the Detailed Map.


Mountain Goats can be tamed by feeding them Hay consecutively for 14 days and bringing them to a Barn.

Because the animals are located on cliff ledges, it may be easier to bring a craftable Barn with you instead of leading them off the cliff.



Using a Wooden Bucket on a Mountain Goat in a player-owned Barn will collect 1x Goat Milk per day.

If playing on a multiplayer server, only the host will be able to milk goats. The option will not appear for guests.


Mountain Goats can be ridden as mounts when equipped in the pet slot in the Inventory, however like the Black Goat, their jump height is actually lower than the player's.

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

Sometimes after visiting the Dungeon or another island, Goats in a Barn will be tagged by the game as already being milked, even if they were not actually milked that day. So it is recommended to milk Goats early in the day, just in case.

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