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The Mountain Region is the large landmass taking up the lower half of the map of Kozita.

Mountain Region


When first visiting Kozita, access to the Mountain Region is blocked off by a ring of thorns surrounding the Main Island.

After completing the quest "Thorn Free" for the Druid, the player can glide or ride a raft to the island.


The Mountain Region is very large compared to the Main Island and Rock Island, and contains 4 main zones plus a small islet. The zones have been colored, and the main mountain footpaths have been outlined in yellow.

Kozita Mountain Region Zones Map.png
Mountain Region zone map

This article covers the basic information for these zones. For specifics about object or animal locations, see Kozita Detailed Map, Caves (Kozita), or Dragon Statue.


The northwestern part of the region is mostly tropical, home to several animals and many Dragon Fruit stalks. The primary feature is a tropical oasis at the western end.

Kozita Mountain Oasis Area.jpg Kozita Oasis.jpg
The oasis seen from the west, and the view inside from the natural entrance

  • A the center of the oasis there is 1 Beehive and 1 Loot Chest, and a nest at the southern end of the small area.
  • There are 2 Elephants and 2 Ferrets south of the oasis itself.
  • 2 Black and White Bunnies can be found to the east of the oasis.
  • 3 Alpacas (1 white, 1 baby, and 1 black) can be found at the easternmost edge of the zone bordering the lagoon. They cannot be tamed at this time, even though they show taming bars and a "Cuddle" prompt.


In the middle of the region is a lagoon surrounded by rocky cliffs, with a cave toward the back.

Kozita Mountain Lagoon Area.jpg
The lagoon viewed from the north

There is a Loot Chest buried under a rock to the right of the cave entrance.

Rock Beach[]

South of the oasis and lagoon is a rocky beach area with winding dirt pathways.

Kozita Rocky Path Area.jpg
The rock beach viewed from the west

The zone is isolated from the rest of the mountains, and contains:

Mountain Peaks[]

The entire southeastern half of the region is full of extremely hilly mountain peaks covered in snow and Pine Trees. The zone is a maze of curving pathways, making it very easy to get lost.

Kozita Mountain Peaks Area.png
Birdseye view of the mountains from the northwest

Found across the zone are:

Tree Cliff Island[]

The isolated island in the northeast is not really a full zone, but included here because it is not accessible until the thorns are removed.

Kozita Mountain Cliff Islet.jpg
Tree Cliff Islet from the west

There is nothing significant about the islet except for being the location of one of the Dragon Statues.


Fast Travel[]

There is a Fast Travel Minecart between the Oasis and Lagoon, which links to 2 other Mine Carts: on Rock Island and next to Herb's shop. Initially they are inaccessible, but completing the Broken Mine crate quests for Digore will open them up for player use.

Kozita Mineshaft Mountain.jpg
Mountain Region Fast Travel Mineshaft


Dragon Egg Nests are scattered throughout the Mountain Region, similar to the Snowy Owl Egg Nests in Florens during Winter.


There are 5 caves on the island, each with a Dragon Rock Statue outside the entrance and a Nest inside. For more information about locations, see Caves (Kozita).


There are currently no NPCs living on the island.




All plants and flowers native to Florens have a chance to spawn in their season in the Mountain Region.



Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

  • The Orange Trees in the mountains randomly disappear for some players.
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