Some animals are mountable, meaning they can be ridden by the player. Depending on the animal, movement speed and jump height is either reduced or increased. Baby forms of animals cannot be mounted.


How To Use a MountEdit

  1. Remove the adult animal from its habitat.
  2. Place the animal in the pet slot.
  3. Two options will appear when your pet is near you:
    • "Ride": Press "E" to mount and ride the animal
    • "Stay": Press "F" to tell it to stop following you. Your pet will stay exactly where you left it until you press "F" again ("Let's Go" option) or take it out of the pet slot.
  4. To dismount while riding, press "F". 

Standard MountsEdit

The following table outlines existing mounts, as well as their requirements and animal types:

Animal Appearance(s) Habitat Food  Speed  Jump Height
Horse HorseHorse WhiteHorse Black Stable Hay ↑↑
Goat GoatGoat BlackMountain Goat Barn Hay Missing
Cow Cow Barn Hay Missing
Sheep SheepSheep PinkSheep Black Barn Hay Missing
Alpaca Alpaca Barn Hay ↑↑ Missing
Pig Pig Barn Potato
Hippo Hippo Barn Hay
Deer Deer Forest Habitat Tall Grass ↑↑ Missing

Face Spirals

Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers for players who haven't progressed very far into the game yet. Proceed with caution.

Legendary MountsEdit

The player must feed legendary animals Legendary Feed in order to tame them (with exceptions in the table below). The taming is instant, but they still need to be led to a habitat to complete the taming process.

Legendary animals require the same habitats as their non-legendary counterparts (Bunny Habitat, Chicken Coop, Dung Beetle Habitat, or Stable), with the exception of the Ghost Cat, which needs a Crystal Paw.

Spawning RequirementsEdit

Once requirements for a legendary mount are met, there will be a small chance every morning[1] for that mount to spawn somewhere in the world - typically on the Outer Islands.

Animal Requirement Spawn Chance Food To Tame Speed Effect Jump Height
Big Bunny
Bunny White
Tame 100 Bunnies 5% Legendary Feed ↑↑ ↑↑↑
Big Chicken
Raise 100 Chicks 5% Legendary Feed
Legendary Beetle
Beetle Gold
Tame 100 Dung Beetles 5% Legendary Feed Missing Missing
Big Penguin
Blue Penguin
Tame 100 Penguins
(Can be won in festival games)
5% Legendary Feed
Legendary Kitsune
Legendary Kitsune Fox
Tame 100 regular Foxes 1% Yellow Angel Fish Missing Missing
Rainbow in sky[2] 1% Legendary Feed ↑↑
Stone Fox
Stone Fox
Comes with purchase of Castle 100% N/A Missing Missing
Night Fox

Legendary Night Fox
Complete Fox Sanctuary 100%
N/A Missing Missing
Ghost Cat
Ghost Cat
Own both Garden Paws and
Potion Paws on the same platform
Duck Pond Cave
Stardust[3] ↑↑


  1. Much like the weather, the chance for a legendary spawn is 're-rolled' at each game load, so you cannot simply reload a save for a day you missed a rainbow or mount. Reloading a day repeatedly until a mount spawns is one option, though that could take a very long time for a 1% chance, and is more likely to be a waste of playing time.
  2. The Unicorn only spawns when there is a rainbow in the sky, but the rainbow has a 1% chance to spawn each morning.
  3. Unlike other legendaries which are tamed instantly, Ghost Cat must be fed Stardust for 10 consecutive days.

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