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Mr. Mooney owns a farm to the east of the Town of Florens.


There are 2 Chickens, 3 Chicks, and 2 Cows in the fenced area of Mr. Mooney's farm. The player can access the animals through a tunnel-like barn to pick up Chicken Eggs, Feathers, and Poop. Mr. Mooney's cows cannot be milked.

Mr. Mooney eventually hires Jacob as a farm assistant, who runs a store where the player can purchase Calves, Chicks, and a special Feed Trough.

Mail From Mr. Mooney[]


1. Chicks are Coin Icon.png20 cheaper if purchased from Mr. Jones.
2. Mr. Mooney tends to give very patronizing quests to the player for minimal rewards, but it is worth following through with his questline in order to obtain a particular late game item (spoiler warning if you click the link) that can help with collecting products on the player's farm.

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