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Hammer.png Multiplayer Mode is still in active development. If you experience any problems, please report them both in game and in the Bug Reporting channel on the Bitten Toast Discord.

Multiplayer Mode allows you to play Garden Paws with friends. Up to 10 people can play on a server in Story Mode, and up to 32 in Creative Mode.

There is also a Steam Guide.

Joining an Existing Game[]

  1. Start a game and choose Online Mode
  2. Select your character
  3. Choose a region
  4. Click on "Room List" to see available games
  5. Choose a room to join
  6. If a room has a lock icon, it is private/protected and requires a password.

Notes and Etiquette for Guest Players[]

Ask For Permission[]

  • It is considered courteous to ask the permission of the host before entering, even if their room is not password protected. This can easily be done on the Bitten Toast Discord, where you can find many players interested in co-op play.
  • Do not take, build, or grief/destroy anything without the host's permission. This includes retrieving items from world or player chests, placing objects, harvesting their plants, milking their animals, etc.
  • Do not accept new quests or complete existing ones without the host's permission. Some people would prefer to complete quests in their world by themselves.


  • Anything you do in a hosted game will only be saved for your character once the host sleeps. Leaving before then will cause you to lose any changes you made (plants harvested, animals tamed, items bought or collected, quests completed).
  • Items lost due to leaving a host game too early will likely be irretrievable, because the host game will continue without you and will save with those items taken/harvested/etc. (Example: If you take a wand from a chest in a hosted game and leave early, you will not have that wand in your inventory if you log back into another game or server. However since that hosted game still exists with you gone, from the point of view of the server the wand was still taken, so the item is lost on both sides.)

Hosting Your Own Game[]

  1. Start a game and choose Online Mode
  2. Select your character
  3. Choose a region
  4. Pick a name for your room. Keep it simple so it will be easy to find in the Rooms List.
    Multiplayer Create Room.jpg
  5. Choose the maximum number of players. Story Mode is balanced for 4 players, but the Wiki Plus Icon.png allows you to extend the slider to 10. The Creative Mode slider goes up to 32.
  6. If you want to make it a private room, check the "Password Protected" box and type a password. Give the password to whomever you want to invite.
  7. Choose the world you want your guests to play in. The world you host your multiplayer session in is the same world you would play in offline. This means any changes that are saved at the end of the day will remain permanent if you continue playing that same world offline.

Setting Storage Permissions[]

As the host, you can automatically prevent guests from accessing anything in chests in your world, or anything that can be locked individually:

  1. In the Paws Menu, click the button labeled "Set Room Permissions".
  2. Click the "Auto Deny" box to add a red checkmark, then click "Apply Permissions"

Tips For Hosts[]

  • Always password protect your room, and only give the password to people you trust. Otherwise you risk strangers visiting and taking items/griefing/completing your quests.
  • Before inviting anyone, check the "Set Room Permissions" option in the Paws Menu (ESC). There are options for limiting access to chests and the ability to take items. You can also check individual chests and lock them with the lock icon in the top corner. Better safe than sorry.
  • You can choose whether or not you wish to share shop profits in options as well. If sharing is on, coins earned will be split between players who are online when the shop is closed.
  • If you catch somebody stealing items in your world, shutting down the world before you sleep for that day may prevent any actual item loss. If you DO lose items, you can try rolling back your save to a previous day. You will lose progress, but you will have the original items back in your world/chests.
  • With the above in mind, it is recommended to protect individual chests and make a copy of your save/backup folder before putting any world online.
Questmark New.png Important: Remember to double check all your permissions options every time you launch the game, because they may not stay toggled between sessions and you can accidentally start hosting a world without a password.

Multiplayer FAQ[]

I don't see my friend's world in the room list![]

This can happen if you're trying to start a brand new world with your friend. The host should first create the world in single player offline mode, then sleep in the bed to save the game to a file. Then you can use the now-saved world for an online game.

I'm stuck on "Creating Room" / "Bolt Starting"[]

Bolt is not managed by Bitten Toast, so when Bolt servers have issues there's unfortunately not much that can be done from the Garden Paws end.
Possible workarounds:
    Try exiting the game completely and relaunching.
    Try verifying Steam files, or uninstalling/reinstalling the game (your saves will still be there)
    Don't switch servers back and forth too quickly, as that can cause hangups.

I joined and can see names and the UI, but everything else is black![]

This is a common bug in multiplayer for guests who spawn inside the house. The host should be able to see inside the house just fine, so have them guide you toward the door. The black screen will go away once you are outside. As a workaround until the bug is fixed, the host can place torches on either side of the door inside, or simply keep the spawn point bed outdoors.

How do I give my friend items/money?[]

Currently there is no player-to-player trading. However you can place items in a chest in the world, and your friend can take the items out if they have permission. You can set individual chest permissions by clicking the red/green lock symbol in the upper corner.
In order to give someone coins, you must first convert the coins to an item. Speak to Mayor Wilson and purchase a 1k Coin Bag or 10k Coin Bag, then put the Coin Bag(s) into a chest like you would any other item.
If you are playing in Creative Mode, you will not have access to Mayor Wilson. But you can start a new Story Mode world, purchase the coins, sleep (to save the items to your character), and then log back into multiplayer. Items in your inventory will transfer between Single Player Story to Multiplayer Story games.

I can't milk my friend's cows/goats![]

Certain actions can only be completed by the host of a world. Milking cows is one of them.

Why is my mount invisible?[]

When using mounts in a multiplayer server, only one "type" of mount can be active at any one time. If one player is riding a Unicorn for example, other players will see their own Unicorn mount as invisible if they try to place one down. Currently the only option is to use a different mount from your friend.

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs and Issues[]

Multiplayer is still being worked on, and there are still many issues that will inevitably come up. This is just a basic guide, so please ask on the Bitten Toast Discord if you need help with anything specific.

  • Initial connection is still a problem for many people, both for hosts and guests.
  • Privacy/protection options on the host world do not always keep settings between games.
  • There have been reports of strangers being able to enter protected games, so if you are a host you should double check all your permission settings.
  • Disconnects are common in some regions, and item syncing can be inconsistent, which can cause items to be lost.
  • Multiplayer Dungeon runs also sometimes have syncing issues.