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The Museum is a town building which houses collections of items the player has gathered. It is run by the Wanderer.


The Museum is not available from the start of a new game. The player must complete the Museum Questline in order to build and furnish it from scratch.

The series of quests (list at bottom of page) begins when Alberto becomes interested in the Artifact the Wanderer found in the Ruins Area. The Wanderer is happy to lend the Artifact to Alberto, but only in return for the player asking Frank to build them a Museum.


To complete the Museum construction from start to finish, certain upgrades, NPCs, and workstations must be unlocked or available:

  1. Purchase the Miner's Camp and Blacksmith from the Upgrade Table (to clear thorns from Ruins Area), and eventually the Costume Shop (to get the blueprint for Small Wall Display)
  2. Begin both Alberto (Glider Shop Questline) and Wanderer's questlines
  3. Have access to a Workbench, Wood Furniture Workbench, Stone Furnace, and Paint Station (may require purchasing the Furniture Blueprint Seller and buying the blueprints from Roman)
  4. Important: The last Museum quest ("New Furniture Collection") requires Small Wall Displays, which cannot be crafted until the Dandelion Collection is complete and the player finishes the "Share the Rainbow" questline for Clovis. The Museum can be entered before the full questline is complete, which is necessary to access the empty displays inside. There is no quest telling you to complete the Dandelion Collection. The questline is simply triggered by adding all dandelions and receiving the wings.

Using The Museum[]

The Museum can be entered before it is fully complete.

Initially it will be empty inside. As the player helps the Wanderer furnish the building, display cases will become available.

Each display case can be opened, and shows a list of items the player must place inside in order to receive the reward at the bottom. For a list of what each display requires, see "Museum Collections" below.

Unlocking Display Cases[]

Some display cases are not accessible at first, and have an "Under Construction" card inside.

  • The quest "Pieces of the Past" must be completed in order to unlock the "Pieces of the Past" and "Fallen Star Collection" display cases.
  • The quest "All these books" unlocks all other display cases.
  • Any "Under Construction" collections not in the list below may not have been implemented in the game yet, but will be in a future update.

Museum Collections[]

Below are all the collections eventually accessible by the player.

Collection Name Collection Items Collection Reward
Pieces of the Past Antique Coin.png Antique Vase.png Antique Chalice.png Antique Scroll.png Antique Book.png 1xCopper Sprinkler.png Wiki Plus Icon.pngBlueprint.png
Fallen Star Collection Fallen Star.png 10xFirework.png
Daisy Flower Collection Orange Daisy.png Red Daisy.png Purple Daisy.png Blue Daisy.png Daisy.png 1xBunny White.png
Dandelion Flower Collection Dandelion.png Red Dandelion.png Purple Dandelion.png Blue Dandelion.png Pink Dandelion.png 1x Rainbow Fairy Wings.png
Leaf Flower Collection Yellow Leaf.png Purple Leaf.png Pink Leaf.png Blue Leaf.png White Leaf.png 1x Costume Chest.png Wiki Plus Icon.png Blueprint.png
Cosmos Flower Collection Orange Cosmos.png Red Cosmos.png Purple Flower.png Blue Cosmos.png White Cosmos.png 1x Stone Planter.png Wiki Plus Icon.png Blueprint.png
Hydrangea Flower Collection Yellow Hydrangea.png Red Hydrangea.png Pink Hydrangea.png Hydrangea.png White Hydrangea.png 1xBaby Alpaca.png
Rare Flower Collection Sunflower.png Poinsettia.png Lavender.png White Flower Bush.png Snowdrop.png 1xGold Sprinkler.pngWiki Plus Icon.pngBlueprint.png
Feather Collection Mallard Feather.png Duck Feather.png Feather.png 1x Black and Gold Wings.pngWiki Plus Icon.pngBlueprint.png
Fur Collection Alpaca Fiber.png Delicate Fur.png Wool.png 1xCompost Bin.png Wiki Plus Icon.png Blueprint.png
Animal Product Collection Chicken Egg.png Duck Egg.png Golden Chicken Egg.png Cow Milk.png Goat Milk.png 1xDog House.png Wiki Plus Icon.png Blueprint.png
Metal Ore Collection Copper Ore.png Silver Ore.png Gold Ore.png 1xStone Furnace.png
Gem Collection Gem Quartz.pngGem Garnet.pngGem Citrine.pngGem Amethyst.pngGem Aquamarine.png 1xSilver Sprinkler.png Wiki Plus Icon.pngBlueprint.png
Rare Gem Collection Gem Diamond.pngGem Emerald.pngGem Ruby.pngGem Sapphire.pngGem Mystic Quartz.png 1x Crystal Single Bed.png Wiki Plus Icon.pngBlueprint.png[1]
Gem Shard Collection Quartz Shard.pngGarnet Shard.pngCitrine Shard.pngAmethyst Shard.pngAquamarine Shard.png 1xStone Lantern.png
Rare Gem Shard Collection Diamond Shard.pngEmerald Shard.pngRuby Shard.pngSapphire Shard.pngMystic Quartz Shard.png 1x Dungeon Bag.png
Collection of Paintings Campground Painting.pngFall Colours Painting.pngSunset Painting.pngSunrise Painting.pngForest Painting.png 1x Crystal Garden Workbench.png Wiki Plus Icon.pngBlueprint.png
Paintbrush Collection 1 Galaxy Paintbrush.pngLeaves Paintbrush.pngHoney Paintbrush.pngStone Paintbrush.pngWood Paintbrush.png 1x Clothing Workbench.pngBlueprint.png[2]
Paintbrush Collection 2 Pastels Paintbrush.pngRainbow Paintbrush.pngColours Paintbrush.pngShingles Roof Paintbrush.pngColourful Shingles Paintbrush.png 1x Rainbow Flower Glider.png
Map of Florens Map Painting.png 1x Splat Fox.png
Portrait of a Sad Cat Sad Cat Painting.png 1x Rainbow Horse Skin.png
Honeycomb Collection Honeycomb.png 1x Beehive.png
Tool Collection Silver Pickaxe.pngGold Pickaxe.pngSilver Axe.pngGold Axe.png 1x Cloud Glider.png
Fishing Pole Collection Silver Fishing Pole.pngGold Fishing Pole.pngTrash Pole.png 1x Fish Drying Rack.png
Rare Fish Collection 1 Clown Fish.pngRainbow Jellyfish.pngYellow Angel Fish.png 1x Bunny Black and White.png
Rare Fish Collection 2 Gold Dipped Molly Fish.pngSpotted Fish.pngRoyal Blue Fish.png 1x Bunny Black and White.png
Fruit Collection Blueberry.pngLemon.pngApple.pngCherry.pngOrange.png 1x Hedgehog.png
Fall Collection Tomato.pngBell Pepper.pngCorn.pngSunflower.pngPumpkin.png 2x Red Small Tree.png
Winter Collection Yam.pngSnow Peas.pngSnowdrop.pngPoinsettia.pngFrost Lavender.png 1x Winter Furniture Deco Crate.png
Dungeon Collection 1[3] Ice Crystal Wing.pngPrism.pngMini Meteor.pngGlowing Earth Fruit.pngAmber.png 1x Dungeon Chest Gold.png
Dungeon Collection 2 Peridot Flower.pngCrystal Cluster.pngEarth Cluster.pngFire Crystal[4]Prism Crystal.png 1x Dungeon Chest Crystal.png

List of Museum-Building Quests[]

The questline for the Museum is as follows:

Flight Mechanism[5]
The Museum
Building a Museum
Empty Museum
How to make Glass
Delivery Delivered
Pieces of the Past (unlocks "Pieces of the Past" and "Fallen Star" display cases)
Pieces of the Past II
Urgent Museum Business (Mail)
Desk for Museum
Desk for Museum II
Not Standing For This
On Display
Smelting Sand
Smelting Sand II
Display Cases
Can't ship this
Copper Beaming
New Ship
All these books (unlocks all other display cases)
Plants Planned for Museum
Museum Paintings
A Good Sad Cat[6]
New Furniture Collection[7]

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

  • The Rare Gem Collection may reward the Crystal Garden Bed instead of the Crystal Garden Workbench, however the blueprint to craft the workbench should still unlock.
  • Double or right clicking a stack of items will place the entire stack inside the display case, not just the 1 required for the display. The stack will not be retrievable, and rolling back to a previous save is the only way to restore the lost items.


  1. Completing the Rare Gem Collection only awards the Crystal Single Bed as an item. The Crystal Furniture Workbench recipe is included, but must be crafted.
  2. Paintbrush Collection 1 only gives you the Blueprint for the Clothing Workbench, not the workbench itself.
  3. The Dungeon must be played through in order to gather all items for the Dungeon Collections. The only alternative is to trade with other players for the items needed.
  4. There are 2 items called "Fire Crystal" in the game. The one for the Museum display case is the the Fire Crystal crafted from Fire Droplets, NOT the Fire Crystal crafted from Fire Shards.
  5. The quest "Flight Mechanism" is only available after completing the Ruins Area questline.
  6. Crafting "Sad Cat Painting" requires access to the Paint Station.
  7. Completing "New Furniture Collection" requires Small Wall Displays, which cannot be crafted until completing the Dandelion Flower Collection and speaking to Clovis, who runs the Costume Shop.