The Museum is run by the Wanderer. The building of the Museum starts when Alberto becomes interested in an artifact that the Wanderer has. The Wanderer is happy to lend the artifact to Alberto, but only in return if the player asking Frank to build them a Museum. After finishing the Museum, the Wanderer becomes disappointed when they realize it is completely empty. With the help of the player once more, the Wanderer eventually fills the Museum with display cases that open up Museum Collections to the player.


The Museum can be used to complete Museum Collections - groups of items the Wanderer tasks the player to gather in order to help the museum grow. These collections are contained within small, medium, and large display cases that can be found inside the Museum. Completing each collection results in the player receiving a reward.

  • Display cases that have "Under Construction" written inside them are collections that have not yet been implemented.


  • The player must complete "Pieces of the Past" in order to access the Ancient Collection & Star Collection.
  • The player must complete "All these books" to unlock and gain access to all other museum collections.

Museum CollectionsEdit

Collection Name

Collection Items

Collection Reward

Ancient Collection Antique Coin Antique Vase Antique Chalice Antique Scroll Antique Book 1xCopper Sprinkler Wiki Plus IconBlueprint
Star Collection Fallen Star 10xFirework
Daisy Flower Collection Orange Daisy Red Daisy Purple Daisy Blue Daisy Daisy 1xWhite Bunny
Dandelion Flower Collection Dandelion Red Dandelion Purple Dandelion Blue Dandelion Pink Dandelion 1x RainbowFairy
Leaf Flower Collection Yellow Leaf Purple Leaf Pink Leaf Blue Leaf White Leaf 1x Costume Chest Wiki Plus Icon Blueprint
Cosmos Flower Collection Orange Cosmos Red Cosmos Purple Flower Blue Cosmos White Cosmos 1x Stone Planter Wiki Plus Icon Blueprint
Hydrangea Flower Collection Yellow Hydrangea Red Hydrangea Pink Hydrangea Hydrangea White Hydrangea 1xBaby Alpaca
Rare Flower Collection Sunflower Poinsettia Lavender White Flower Bush Snowdrop 1xGold SprinklerWiki Plus IconBlueprint
Feather Collection Mallard Feather Duck Feather Feather 1x BlackGoldWings
Fur Collection Alpaca Fiber Delicate Fur Wool 1xCompost Bin Wiki Plus Icon Blueprint
Animal Product Collection Chicken Egg Duck Egg Golden Chicken Egg Cow Milk Goat Milk 1xDog House Wiki Plus Icon Blueprint
Metal Ore Collection Copper Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore 1xStone Furnace
Gem Collection Gem Quartz Gem Citrine Gem Garnet Gem Aquamarine Gem Amethyst 1xSilver Sprinkler Wiki Plus IconBlueprint
Rare Gem Collection Gem Sapphire Gem Emerald Gem Ruby Gem Diamond Gem Mystic Quartz 1x Crystal Furniture Workbench Wiki Plus IconBlueprint
Paintings Collection Campground PaintingFall Colours PaintingSunset PaintingSunrise PaintingForest Painting 1x Crystal Garden Workbench Wiki Plus IconBlueprint
Paintbrush Collection 1 Galaxy PaintbrushLeaves PaintbrushHoney PaintbrushStone PaintbrushWood Paintbrush 1x Clothing Workbench Wiki Plus IconBlueprint
Paintbrush Collection 2 Pastels PaintbrushRainbow PaintbrushColours PaintbrushShingles Roof PaintbrushColourful Shingles Paintbrush 1x Rainbow Flower Glider
Map of Florens Collection Map Painting 1x Splash Fox Skin
Sad Cat Collection Sad Cat Painting 1x Rainbow Horse Skin
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