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There is so much to do in Garden Paws that new players may feel overwhelmed at first.

This page is aimed at helping to answer some of the frequently asked questions from new players, as well as being a source of basic advice for the game.

If you have a question not answered here, feel free to ask for help on the Bitten Toast Discord or the Steam forum.

If you are familiar with wiki editing, you can add a question to the bottom of the page and it will be reviewed and answered by a more experienced player. For those answering questions, remember to stick to new player advice, and avoid spoilers.

What's this game about?Edit

The storyline centers around you working to build up a house and farm and helping NPCs (non player characters) in the nearby town and on other islands. There are lots of items to collect and ways to customize your character and home.

The overall 'goal' in the game is basically:

  1. Collect stuff
  2. Craft stuff with the stuff you collect
  3. Make money by selling all that stuff at your shop
  4. Buy upgrades at the table next to Frank in town so you can add buildings and NPCs to the town
  5. New NPCs and buildings mean more variety of stuff to collect, craft, and buy
  6. Rinse, repeat

It's far more complex and in depth than that, but it gives you a general idea of the type of game this is.

What should I do first?Edit

The answer to that is "it's up to you", but that's not why you're here reading this.

You can start with the following:

  • Run around and pick up stones and wood lying around, until you have a sizeable stack of both.
  • Press T to open the Quick Crafting Menu, and craft an Axe and a Pickaxe
  • Chop trees to get more wood, then craft a bunch of Small Chests (you're going to need the storage space)
  • Place the chests near your home and fill them with anything you collect, to be used for quests or crafting other items
  • Place the items you want to sell on your shop table, and open your shop.
  • Sell more items until you can start affording upgrades from the Upgrade Table. Order of upgrades is up to you, but expanding your shop first will allow you to sell more items at once. The Miner's Camp and Blacksmith are also good to start with, since they're necessary for better tools and opening up new areas of the island.
  • Start doing quests for NPCs. You can get some very useful rewards.

How do I place things?Edit

Only workstations, furniture items, storage containers, and decorations can be placed in the world as objects. Food, plants, and other items can only be held or placed in special storage display containers.

To place an item:

Press I to open your inventory. Click and drag the item you want to place into a hotbar slot (the 8 squares at the bottom of the screen). Exit the inventory screen and use the mouse wheel to scroll to the item on the hotbar, or press the corresponding number key on the keyboard.
Not every item is placeable as an object. Those that are will show a text prompt to place them when they are held. Press E to activate a placement guide, which will show as a green wireframe of the object to be placed. Move the cursor around to change position or use the mouse wheel to rotate the item. Press E again to place it in that position.

Item Shifter How do I pick things back up or move them?Edit

The Hammer and Item Shifter can be crafted from the Quick Crafting Menu.

  • The Hammer can be used on a placed object to remove it from the world and place it back in your inventory.
  • The Item Shifter can be used on a placed object to nudge it in different directions or rotate it at different angles. It can be a bit fussy to get the hang of. See the Item Shifter page for details.
If you can't seem to select the exact item you want to pick up or move, the Hammer and Item Shifter have what's called a "Selection Menu", which shows all nearby movable objects as buttons on the screen. Clicking on one of them will lock the tether in place as if you pressed Ctrl (see the hammer/shifter pages for more information).
Note: If you pick up a planter with a Hammer while seeds are still growing in it, you will lose the seeds. To avoid losing a plant, wait for it to be fully grown, harvest it, and then move the planter.

How do I turn on Grid Placement or any other settings?Edit

Press ESC, then go into Audio/Video Settings. There are various options to toggle if you have having performance issues or if your screen jumps around while playing. For details, see the Settings page.
Grid Placement can also be manually toggled by holding Alt while placing items. If Grid Placement is off, holding Alt will turn it on and vice versa.

I'm having trouble placing an item exactly how I wantEdit

A trick you can use if you want to lock rotation first is to press 'E' to lock placement, choose the rotation you want, then hit 'Esc' or right click. Pressing E again will begin placement with the rotation from before locked in. Then Press E to lock it into place once you have moved it to where you want. You should also turn Grid placement off if you have that on.

Coin Bag How do I make money?Edit

You can sell things in your shop:

  • Place items on the tables, then between 12:00 and 18:00 you can flip the "Closed" sign in front of your house to "Open", and begin serving customers. For more information, see Shopkeeping.
  • Early-game tip: Harvest those leafy ferns everywhere. Then craft the plant fiber into paper, craft any insects you find into fishing bait, and you can sell all of it for profit without wasting any Energy in the process.

Completing quests is another way to earn Coins, but not as lucrative as shopkeeping.

Calico Cat Skin I just got a skin, how do I use it?Edit

Either place the skin in your hotbar and press E with that slot selected, or go into the Paws Menu → Customize Character and click the green button labeled "Unlock all skins in inventory".
If a skin item in the hotbar does not activate when pressing E or the green button, that means you already have that skin unlocked.

Workbench How do I get the workbench?Edit

The questline for the Workbench requires the Blacksmith upgrade at Frank's table.

Geode How do I break open geodes?Edit

Break them open at an anvil by putting the geodes in your hotbar, selecting them and then pressing E.
If you do not have an anvil crafted yet, there are 2 that become available in town. One after purchasing the Blacksmith, the other after purchasing the Miner's Camp.

Stone Furnace How do I get the furnace to work!?Edit

Once you collect sand (from sand piles) or ore (from geodes) you're going to want to mine coal, which is found in most caves. Walk up to the Stone Furnace and add the thing you want to smelt, then add some coal. Once the coal is added, the furnace will begin smelting.
Only 10 items can be smelted at a time and each item takes 1 coal to smelt.

Honeycomb How do I get honeycombs?Edit

Honeycombs are harvested from Beehives. They have a very low drop rate, so you may need to harvest quite a few before gathering enough. There are 4 wild beehives in the world, so go explore!

How do I find the recipe for <item>?Edit

Items that have specific steps to unlock blueprints or recipes will typically have those requirements listed on their wiki pages.
In most cases, unlocking them will happen through natural progression in the game, and cannot be sped up or triggered earlier. But if you focus on the storyline quests and Upgrade Table purchases, you will be able to more quickly unlock different recipes over time as new NPCs move to the island with their own questlines.
If you are still having some trouble and don't mind major spoilers you can always ask in the Spoilers channel on the Bitten Toast Discord.

Help, I got a quest talking about a character I never met!Edit

Quests often refer to NPCs, and if you progress questlines far enough, the assumption is that you would have purchased more town building upgrades by that point. You can:
  1. Check what upgrade, shop, or other questline is required for that NPC to show up, and purchase it or do the prerequisite quests.
  2. Abandon the quest and re-take it later. There is no penalty for abandoning quests.
For Bulletin Board quests (the generic ones asking for flowers for gifts or tea), if you don't abandon the quest the name will automatically change to another NPC in three days.

Sunflower Where can I find Sunflowers/Pumpkins/<other plant>? I need them for a quest!Edit

Some plants like Sunflowers only show up after you have played a certain number of in-game days. Some plants only become available in certain seasons. Or in the case of Pumpkins, once you travel to Halloween Island.
Don't worry about not completing quests that require certain plants - or any item in general - "before the next season". Those quests repeat every year, so you can ignore them if you don't have access to the right plant or item yet.

What upgrade should I get first?Edit

You'll end up buying all of them eventually, but you may as well boost your stats first. Opening the Upgrade Table and looking at the details for each upgrade will show if they have any additional effects, such as +5 Energy or +5 Inventory space. Both are useful to increase in early game, since you'll run out both space and energy a lot early on.

How do I get to those other islands?Edit

You will not be able to swim to other islands, but there are special items that can help you get across, including gliders and a raft. You can also build "bridges" across the water using Wooden Foundations.

Cat I saw a cute animal, how do I tame it?Edit

See Raising Animals for taming instructions.

I fed an animal and it followed me, but I passed out and it's gone!Edit

Feeding animals is not enough to tame them. You need to craft and place the appropriate habitat, and lead the animal to the habitat once it starts following you. When it enters the habitat, a naming window will pop up. Naming the animal (even if it's blank) will complete the taming process.

SingleBed Lightwood How do I save the game?Edit

Saves are automatically done if you sleep in a bed or pass out at the end of the day at 24:00. You can also save in the middle of the day using the Paws Menu, but it is not fully reliable yet as it is a newly-implemented feature.

How do I go back a day?Edit

For more information on loading backups, see Saving Games.

How can I take a screenshot?Edit

Press F10 to access your Drone Camera. F11 is the same as F10, except it also pauses the game when playing offline. Press F9 to change the Drone Camera's settings.
Press F8 to take the photo. F7 opens the folder where that photo is saved.

How do I upload screenshots from Garden Paws to Steam?Edit

If you've been using the Screenshot mode in Garden Paws and have been taking screenshots with F8, you can follow the instructions in this video to be able to upload them to Steam. Alternatively, you can use F12 to take screenshots directly through Steam.

Any advice?Edit

on NPC quests and Upgrade Table purchases. Many of them are necessary to unlock parts of the world, new plants, or storyline progression, and some have very useful rewards.

My game keeps freezing/crashing!Edit

Try lowering your graphics settings. You can read about what each option does on the Settings page. The first settings you should lower to see if it helps are Render Distance and the overall Quality. If that doesn't help, uncheck the different "effects" boxes for things like fog, clouds, high quality water, etc.
Another thing you can try is closing all other noncritical open programs if you have any, especially browsers. Some browsers are huge memory hogs, and can significantly impact the functioning of more RAM-intensive games. 
If your graphics are at the lowest settings possible, no extra processes are running, and you're still having issues, it may be that your computer or GPU does not have enough memory to run the game. For suggestions/advice geared toward your specific computer setup, you can ask for help from community members on the Bitten Toast Discord.

Beetle Black I found a BUG! Where do I submit it?Edit

Please submit bug reports through:
  1. The in-game submission form accessible from the Paws Menu (ESC)
    The reports go straight to the Garden Paws Trello board at
    You can also check the Trello board for known-bugs and more information.
  2. Post your output log in the Bugreporting channel on Discord
    To access the output log, type this in to your Windows Explorer bar, which should take you to a folder with some game files: %AppData%\..\LocalLow\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\
    See if you can post the log in bugreporting. If it is too big, you can email it to If there are any crash files, send those too.

How can I contact the devs?Edit

Daniel Snd and Kristina are always around working on the game, but before pinging either of them directly it is better to ask other players for help on Discord. The mods and community are incredibly helpful and can answer most questions.
(Thiago is the audio dev, but Dan and Kristina handle the community side of things.)
You can also contact the devs by email at

More FAQs will be added soon.

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