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The Outer Islands, also known as Decorative Islands, are the collective name for the many smaller islands surrounding the Main Island[1] on the main map.


None of the outer islands currently have in-game names. Names and numbers are fan-created, to more easily refer to the locations on maps and in discussions.

Names are provided for islands with notable details, and temporary letter-number designations to more decorative ones.

Special Spawns[]

Outer Islands are the only places where rare flower colors and legendary mounts will spawn. The 4 Beehives on the main map are also only located on outer islands.

List of Outer Islands[]

The Outer Islands are made up of the following:

Ferret Island[]

Ferret Island is the southernmost island on the map. It is home to Pamela and 2 wild Ferrets. There is one large cave to the south containing Geodes and Crystal Geodes. Colored Dandelions and Cosmos flowers can sometimes grow on the island.

Inset Ferret Island.png

Found on Ferret Island:

Hippo Island[]

Hippo Island is located north of the Main Island. It is second from the right out of the 4 northern islands. It is home to 3 wild Hippos at the southern part of the island, and 2 wild Horses (white and black) in the northern part. Colored Dandelions often spawn on the island.

Inset Hippo Island.png

Found on Hippo Island:

Dev's Island[]

Dev's Island is located at the most southeastern part of the map. It is an easter egg included as fun nod to the deveopers, who have their own characters on the island: Daniel, Kristina, and Thiago. Colored Dandelions are commonly found on the island, as well as one Chest.

Devs Island.png

Found on Dev's Island:

Penguin Island[]

Penguin Island, also referred to as D6, is located on the most northwestern part of the map. It is named for the 4 wild Penguins that appear there during Winter. There is 1 Beehive and 1 Chest on the island. It is also notable as one of the only places where Pink Hydrangea and Yellow Hydrangea will grow, and is a more common spawn location for the Big Chicken.

Inset Penguin Island.png

Found on Penguin Island: Only in winter:

Skunk Island[]

Skunk Island, also referred to as D4, is located to the north of Thorne on the map. It is named for the single wild Skunk living on the island. White Leaf, Yellow Leaf, Pink Hydrangea, and Yellow Hydrangea can sometimes be found on the island, as well as 1 chest on the southeast shore.

Inset Skunk Island.png

Found on Skunk Island:

Honey Island[]

Honey Island, also referred to as D7, is to the east of the Main Island. It is a small island, but notable for the 2 Beehives on it, and being one of the few locations with colored Dandelions.

Inset Honey Island.png

Found on Honey Island:

Decorative Island 1[]

Decorative Island 1, or D1, is a smaller island to the east of Ferret Island. It is a possible spawn area for legendary mounts.

Inset D1.png

Found on D1:

Decorative Island 2[]

Decorative Island 2, or D2, is a large island southeast of the Ruins Area and northwest of Dev's Island. It is a possible spawn area for legendary mounts, particularly shore opposite Dev's Island.

Inset D2.png

Found on D2:

Decorative Island 3[]

Decorative Island 3, or D3, is a tiny island to the east of Hippo Island. It is a possible spawn area for legendary mounts and seasonal plants, but otherwise there is no special reason to visit.

Inset D3.png

Found on D3:

Decorative Island 5[]

Decorative Island 5, or D5, is located to the north of Skunk Island. White Cosmos and Orange Cosmos can sometimes be found on the island, as well as 1 Beehive and 1 Chest.

Inset D5.png

Found on D5:

Honorable Mentions[]

Decorative Island 8[]

Decorative Island 8, or D8, is the small island in the middle of the lake between the Forest Region, Duck Pond Region, and Player Home Region. It is not really an "outer" island, but is grouped with them because it is notably separate from the rest of the Main Island. There is nothing notable about it other than trees and a Chest underneath a large rock.

Inset D8.png

Found on D8:

Sammy's Island[]

Sammy's Island is also not an outer island, but it is frequently visited because it links the lower two parts of the Main Island and contains NPCs.

Inset Sammy's Island.png

Found on Sammy's Island:


  1. The "Main" island is technically made up of 3 large islands containing the largest regions, but they are grouped together because the player spends most of their time on all 3.