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Owl Egg is the first stage of growth for a Snowy Owl.


Owl Eggs can be found in nests in wintry locations. The spawn chance is random, so finding one in any given nest is not guaranteed.

For specific locations, see Nests, Detailed Map, or Kozita Detailed Map.

Snowy Owl Egg Object.png
What an Owl Egg in a Nest looks like

Finding your first Owl Egg will trigger two separate questlines:


Place an Owl Egg in an Hatchery and cuddle it (press E next to it, like petting for the dog) for 5 consecutive days.

It will then hatch into a Baby Snowy Owl.


  1. Finding your first Owl Egg triggers the letter from Poppy even if you are on Kozita. The letter will be in your mailbox when you travel back to Florens.