Paintbrushes are used to customize the look of the player's home.


Crafting Paintbrushes first requires the Paint Station Blueprint, which can be purchased from Roman for Coin Icon10,000.


Objects that can be painted by Paintbrushes include:

  • Building materials such as wood and plaster construction pieces.

    House Paint Frames
    Floor on the left, Walls on the right

For glass walls and crystal furniture, the player needs to craft Furniture Brushes.

  • The walls and floor inside the Player Home
    In order to paint the inside of the house, use the paintbrushes on the two frames on either side of the door. One affects the floor, the other the walls.
  • Blank Painting and Blank Carpet

How to Use PaintbrushesEdit

Holding a Paintbrush, walk up to the object you want to paint. A red 'tether' will snap to the object, similar to using the Hammer or Item Shifter. Pressing E will paint the item.

Each Paintbrush has multiple design options. The current design or pattern can be seen in the small circle that appears when using the paintbrush. These can be cycled through by pressing R. See individual brush pages (linked below) for full pattern examples.

To paint the same item a different pattern, just paint over the existing one.

Removing PaintEdit

Unlike with Furniture Brushes, a Sponge is not required to remove paint from crafted building materials. While holding any paintbrush, press R to cycle through the options. The last one is a 'default' brush that can be used to clear paint from building pieces. It can also be used on the house frames.

Museum CollectionsEdit

Certain paintbrushes are required to complete collections in the Museum:

  • Paintbrush Collection 1 - Galaxy, Leaves, Honey, Stone, and Wood.
  • Paintbrush Collection 2 - Pastel, Rainbow, Colours, Colourful Shingles, and Dark Colourful Shingles.

Crafting RecipesEdit

The following Paintbrushes can be crafted at the Paint Station. For full lists of patterns and designs, check each brush's individual page.

Paintbrush Type Image Crafting Example
Pastels Paintbrush Pastels Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xPink Dye5xBlue Dye Wall Pastel Rainbow1
Rainbow Paintbrush Rainbow Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xRed Dye5xGreen Dye Wall Rainbow1
Colours Paintbrush Colours Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xYellow Dye5xPurple Dye
Galaxy Paintbrush Galaxy Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xStardust1xFallen Star Wall Galaxy
Wood Paintbrush Wood Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush10xWooden Board Wall Wood1
Leaves Paintbrush Leaves Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush25xTall Grass25xPlant Fiber Wall Leaves1
Honey Paintbrush Honey Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush10xHoney Wall Honey1
Stone Paintbrush Stone Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush10xStone Block Wall Stone
Pattern Paintbrush Pattern Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xPink Dye5xYellow Dye Wall Pattern
Shingles Roof Paintbrush Shingles Roof Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xRed Dye5xWhite Dye Wall Shingles Roof
Colourful Shingles Paintbrush Colourful Shingles Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xPurple Dye5xOrange Dye Wall Colourful Shingles
Dark Colourful Shingles Paintbrush Dark Colourful Shingles Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xBlue Dye5xGreen Dye Wall Dark Colourful Shingles
Diamond Tile Paintbrush Diamond Tile Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush10xStone Block Paintbrush Diamond Tile Blue
Stone Tile Paintbrush Stone Tile Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush10xStone Block Wall Stone Tile 1
Snow Paintbrush Snow Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xBlue Dye5xSnowball Wall Snow
Winter Paintbrush Winter Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xRed Dye5xSnowball
Glow Swirl Paintbrush Glow Swirl Paintbrush 1x Paintbrush5xStardust
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