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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.

Pamela is a unicorn shopkeeper who runs a trading center where the player can obtain unique items in exchange for materials.

On the Classic Map, they can be found on Ferret Island in the south. On the River Map, they are on a small island to the east of the Player Home Region.

They are available to visit from the beginning of the game, however it is not possible to reach Ferret Island without building some kind of bridge over the water.

Trading Center[]

Pamela runs a Trading Center, which can be found at the top of the big hill in the center the island, inside a giant tree stump surrounded by decorative Tall White Flowers and Crystal Garden Fences.


Pamela does not sell items directly, and their shop does not use Coins. Instead, there are tables in the house that serve as "trade stations", which offer special furniture or decorative items in exchange for a certain number of more common items. Once the player has the proper amount of that item in their inventory, they can interact with the item on the table they wish to buy, and can make the exchange.

Pamela offers the following unique items for trade:

Item Name Image Price
Daisy Sphere Daisy Sphere.png 75x Daisy.png
Daisy Light Daisy Light.png 100x Daisy.png
Daisy Rug Daisy Rug.png 50x Daisy.png
Veggie Basket Veggie Basket.png 10x Carrot.png
Clover Rug Clover Rug.png 50x Plant Fiber.png
Honey Jar Honey Jar.png 10x Honey.png
Red Bouncy Mushroom Bouncy Mushroom Red.png 10x Red Mushroom.png
Big Red Bouncy Mushroom Big Bouncy Mushroom Red.png 25x Red Mushroom.png
Blue Bouncy Mushroom Bouncy Mushroom Blue.png 10x Blue Mushroom.png
Big Blue Bouncy Mushroom Big Bouncy Mushroom Blue.png 25x Blue Mushroom.png
Large Stone Chest Stone Chest Large.png 30x Stone Block.png
Flower Sprinkler
(Winter only)
Flower Sprinkler.png 25x Snowdrop.png


  • When entering Pamela's shop, the music will change to a unique tune.

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