Steam Early AccessEdit

v1.3.1 (August 11th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.3.1

- The Dungeon is now open! (Up to level 10)
- More rules were added to prevent the generation of broken dungeon levels
- When you die in the dungeon you now go back 1 level instead of losing all your progress. (Except for hardcore mode)
- There is now a notification when you pick up a relic.
- If you leave the dungeon before completing it, relics that you had are now saved and given them back when you return.
- The animal drops and other world pickupables no longer disappear after you exit the dungeon.
- Animals are now still fed after you exit the dungeon.
- There is now a brightness slider in the settings pause menu.
- Hopefully the beehives are spawning honey properly now.
- Rituals should be defending themselves again.
- Hopefully no longer cameras stop following after going through a door.
- Ready button should work with controllers.
- The Guests should now load the world correctly after coming back from the dungeon and should appear next to the host in the dungeon lobby area.
- Going into another world after changing islands/dungeon should no longer mess with your plants.
- You should no longer be able to interact with triggers while you're in loading screen.
- You should go back to having 250 health if you're no longer in hardcore mode.
- The mysterious random recipe that's always changing in the workbench after the half wall should be gone now.
- The shed should now do auto-sorting properly

v1.3.0 (August 4th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.3.0

- New Furniture Set : Pink/Purple Galaxy Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
- New Furniture Set: Black Galaxy Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
- New Furniture Set: Modern Black Set (total 14 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
- New Furniture Set: Rainbow Paw Set (total 14 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
- New Furniture Set: Splatter Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)
- New Item: Candle Workstation and 16 candles in 3 sizes (totally 48 place-able candles)
- New Item: Standing Torch
- 6 New Building Pieces
- New Upgrade: Shop Prices Upgrade Book (Frank) With this upgrade you'll see how much a table of goods will sell for.
- 12 new faces
- You can now see all the tiles in the memory game after the game is over
- The bubbles now have a larger hitbox and move slower
- The wand now shoots farther and faster
- The wand camera change now occurs in a different way that should be less jarring.

v1.2.9 (July 22nd, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.9

- New Summer Festival area with minigames to play!
- Use Summer tickets to purchase mystery boxes or items in the summer festival.
- You can purchase money bags from the Mayor if you want to save or trade coin.
- Big Summer Festival Prize! Tractor!
- New clothing options: Shorts (9 Variations), Tankini (9 Variations), Floaty Accessory (5 variations), Skirt (4 variations), Flower Lei and Marshmellow on a Stick-
- New Furniture Items: BeachBall, Beach Chair (6 Variations), Picnic Table, Diving Board
- The Item Shifter can now also clone objects (IN CREATIVE MODE ONLY).
- Bubbles should be a little bit easier to find
- The Boat Shelf can now take up to 6 items.
- Fixed a bug in which the dungeon lobby cave rocks disappeared at day 2 but the cave itself would only appear by day 7.

v1.2.8 (July 18th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.8

- Trading Cards and Steam Badges are now available
- Paper has been added to the bouquet table.
- Ferret and Dung Beetle collections count towards the achievements.
- The black cat was being fishy but has been fixed and can now be pet and will bring items properly.
- Pumpkins can no longer be placed by default, but can still be crafted into Decoration Pumpkin.
- Stack sizes have been adjusted, most that were 30 are now 50.
- Creative worlds now show up as green buttons in the multiplayer room selection list.
- There's now a new NPC called Guppy selling fish inside Sadie's Inn.
- There are a total of 58 new quests. New questlines for Sadie (3), Moonie (8), Frank (12), Elizabeth (3), Sierra (2), Sammy (2), Hash (4), Miners (4), Robert (6), Conrad (2), Bulk Order Quests (12).
- 6 Fence variations (1 foundation long) that can be found at the Blueprint Vendor.
- Fixed a bug in which picking up rainbow poop gave golden poop.
- The cave near your house, (on your way to the forest), is now open and will be the entrance to the dungeon soon!
- There's a new NPC Hash that can be found in the new cave.
- The wand has been added to the game. For now it can only pop bubbles, oh yeah there are bubbles.
- Fish Traps and Shelfish Traps now say "Harvest" instead of "Pick Up"
- Mushroom storage now is named correctly on the interaction pop-up.

Extra little fixes for v1.2.8 (July 19th 2019):

- Fixed some quest texts
- Splash should be cycling their inventory again.
- Increased the seed bundler max stack to 50.
- You should no longer be able to use the hammer if your chat is open and being typed on.
- Decoration pumpkin should now have the correct icon on it.
- You now get a wand blueprint by completing the initial wand quest.
- The Shifter can now rotate left/right

v1.2.7 (July 4th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.7

- We were made aware of a hacker today that was able to join Password Protected lobbies, we've changed the server authentication process to prevent this from happening.
- There are now credits in the game.
- Auto-reconnection attempts should now be working again with the new server authentication system.

v1.2.6 extra (July 3rd, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.6 extra

- Building Pieces should behave a little better now when being placed.
- Creative mode now can hold up to 32 people. It also gives people max energy and max inventory in it.
- On Creative you can now craft anything without the need to have the materials.
- Adjusted the UI in Creative so it doesn't get covered by the top buttons.
- The Item Shifter can now also rotate items in a new axis.
- Grid Upgrade UI now has a scroll bar
- Crystal Garden divider and center piece that were missing colliders now have colliders.
- Animals that collect things should be collecting things properly now.
- A new in-game achievement now keeps track of how many easter eggs you have personally collected.
- McCoy that had briefly gone on a vacation should now be back.
- McCoy's shop in the new fishing dock should now only hold 3 items and change stock each day.
- The missing Fishing Delivery box should now be showing up properly near McCoy.
- Increased the range on the axe/pickaxe a little bit.
- Reduced the text size on the stats screen a little bit.
- There is now collisions on the bottom of the shed. The Shed should now show its name in front of it instead of inside.
- Boris' cart is no longer in creative mode.

v1.2.5 & v1.2.6 (July 1st, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.5 & Version 1.2.6

- Superior Seed Storage and Flower Storage crates have been added.
- Gem and Ore/Bar Storage crates have been added.
- StonePaw (You can place animals on this to display them, they won't drop resources when here.)
- Jetpack is now available in creative
- Hourglass is now available in creative and can be used to pause/move time
- The inventory now has an auto-sort button.
- There are now buttons to take/deposit all to/from chests.
- Placeable trees are now in creative.
- Sponge has been added to creative.
- There is now a No Harvesting sign that can be placed and will prevent flowers from being harvested in that area.
- 20+ Quests have been added in relation to McCoy and a new Fish Shop
- Just for Canada Day you can get 2 canada-themed skins in the mail.
- The Item Shifter can now also rotate items in a new axis.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug in which stable animals would disappear.
- Legendary Feed Recipe shows up when you tame 100 Beetles, new mail has been added.
- Fixed a bug in which animals dropped items while in the Stone Paw.
- Fixed a bug in which the temporary items would disappear from the available creative items after playing creative for a day.
- Fixed a bug in which the planter soil wasn't moving with the planter when using the Item Shifter

v1.2.4 (June 24th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.4

- The hippo now looks less piggy.
- There is now a 1% chance for a Unicorn to spawn in the wild. When you see a rainbow, there is a unicorn out there. You can tame the unicorn with Legendary Feed. Unicorn can drop rainbow poop.
- You can tame every animal in Garden Paws! We've even added more!
- Fish traps now don't get picked up when you pick up the content.
- Achievements are now visible in-game on a new Achievements UI (accessible from the top of the Inventory menu).
- Added Kart and Flying Carpet to creative mode.
- Added new Portable Barn Item.
- There is now a Crate Workstation (All storage solutions other than the Basic Chest have been moved here.) Crafted at the workstation.
- There is now a Forest Animal Habitat to tame Deer and Bears
- There are 3 New poopy achievements.
- Buildings that shouldn't be available on Creative Mode have been removed from it.
- New Animal: Ferret
- New Animal: Foxes
- New Animal: 7 new beetles and 1 legendary gold beetle mount. The beetles will collect poop within a radius around thier habitat. The beetles will also poop once a day. The gold beetle will have a very high chance to drop gold poop once a day. Beetle Feed crafting has been added to the Workbench.
- Increased Queue on oven. It can now take 5 items at a time.
- The item that animal desires now shows up above their heads.
- There is now a new Stone Paw item available in Sierra's shop that can be used to display animals.
- Item Shifting planters should now shift the planter's soils as well.

v1.2.3 (June 16th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.3

- There are now characters inside the Inn and the Town Hall.
- Those characters can be named after twitch viewers if you have twitch integration active.
- Twitch Integration now also names wild animals after viewers.
- With Twitch Integration your viewers can now type an animal type on the stream and they will spawn as that animal type.
- There is now a grid mode in the crafting menu, accessible by a button in the top right corner of the screen.
- The Chicken Coop gate now opens and closes.
- Hammer now has a aiming reticle.

v1.2.2 (June 13th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.2

- The Crystal Garden Light now has collisions
- Crystal Garden furniture is now dyeable.
- Names now show up above the player properly when the player is riding a mount
- Creative mode now can take up to 10 players.
- Some items that shouldn't have showed up in the creative mode menu now don't show up in the creative mode menu.
- Fixed an issue with the trashcan not asking for confirmation before deleting items
- Fixed an issue with the legendary feed mail not showing up after completing the correct achievement.
- Fixed an issue with the big bunny getting smaller after petting.
- Fixed an issue where the wanderer stole some flowers from people that had completed flower collections before.
- Fixed an issue where the White Dragon wings weren't dyeable

v1.2.1e (June 12th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.1e

- Creative mode is now available in beta as a work in progress.
- New recipes : Dandelion Tea, Strawberry Tea, Honey Milk Tea, Taco
- New item: Brick Planter, Red Brick Planter
- Seed Bundles. You can now craft 4 seeds and 1 Fertilizer to create a Large Seed Bundle. When planted this will visually look different, and have a 100% chance to recieve a seed.
- Harvesting super crops have a chance to receive a Seed Mystery Box.
- New item: Geode Processor (Process multiple geodes at once.)
- New item: Butterfly Wings (accessory)
- Twitch integration new feature: When your chat viewers show up in your game they can type "dab", "dance" or "jump" to perform that action in your game. (Your chat can show up in your game if you enable it and they type while your shop is open.)
- A new questline has been added for Beltran. (Trigger, Own a Cave)
- New Legendary Animals that are tameable if you accomplish certain achievements. (Giant Bunny & Chicken)
- New Furniture Set: Heverli Set
- New Quests for the Wanderer which unlock the Painting Collections
- New furniture set: Crystal Garden (includes walls, divider, bed, chairs, bench, table and some decoration pieces.)
- Item Shifter update: There are handy colours to help you shift better.
- Alphabet Workstation with 26 building pieces.
- Habitat_Coop add upgrade after coop is max level, receive mail from jones with blueprint.
- Added a Checkers Wall/Floor Pattern to the Patterns Paint-brush
- 3 New Flower Glider Colours: Purple, Blue and Red
- New item: Rainbow Flower Glider
- 3 New Paintbrushes: Colourful Shingles, Dark Colourful Shingles and a Pattern Paintbrush
- New museum collections. (Paintbrushes)
- Clothing Workbench (museum collection) New items: craftable white clothing pieces
- New Bunny Achievements, 100 and 250 tamed bunnies.
- Honey now stacks to 30 (was 10).
- Fixed a Issue with the controls not going back to default when using the button "Reset to Default"
- Fixed: The museum no longer takes full stacks of items.
- Fixed a bug with the Bunny/Chicken Achievements

v1.2.0i (May 29th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.2.0i

- There's an Earthquake event! Along with 50+ New Quests.
- Bees!! New items: Apiary, Bees, Honey, Honeycomb
- New Painting Station! You can now create dyes and paintbrushes to paint walls, floors, equipment and building pieces!
- SeedMaker! You can use the Seedmaker to turn fully grown plants into seeds!
- You can own a new cave that offers delivery of coal, geodes and a brand new Crystal Geode!
- Boris has new inventory upgrades for sale (Max inventory +11).
- Catch bugs with bottles! You can craft bottles (or clean old bottles).
- Fast-travel with mine-carts (locked behind quest).
- Craft All Button
- 10 New Gliders, purchaseable from Alberto (quest locked)
- There is now an option in multiplayer to share store profits or not share store profits.
- The new Town Hall now shows up in the world and can be entered!
- New area: 2 new caves to unlock.
- New Recipes! (Popcorn, Cookie, and Icecream)
- New item: Crystal Geodes that drop gems.
- New item: Flower Planter
- New item: Guitar! (purchase from Clovis)
- New item: Item Shifter (used to nudge placed objects)
- New item: Ramp Curved In/Out (purchase from Roman)
- New item: Paintings (craftable at the paint workstation)
New item: Paint Decorative Crate (achievement locked)
- Abby now sells vegetable seeds
- Updated window position on building piece.
- Fixed being able to right click to remove stones out of the stone delivery crate.

v1.1.0r (April 24th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.1.0r

- Fixed small issues
- Small update to the building system. Now when holding a placeable item you can press E to go into building mode, while in building mode you can press space to go out of building mode. There is no longer a "Lock placement" step before placing an object, you can rotate the object as you're placing in building mode.
- The hammer will now ask if you're sure before destroying a container with items inside.

v1.1.0i (April 22nd, 2019)Edit

Version 1.1.0i

- Fixed Ester's quest reward not triggering.
- Hopefully fixed the bug where some times things wouldn't be interactable after waking up next day
- Rice now can be bought for 20
- The Furniture Blueprint Salesman Upgrade is now called Blueprint Vendor

v1.1.0f (April 21st, 2019)Edit

Version 1.1.0f

- Easter Festival!
- Multiplayer fix for session connection failures.
- Added a Cloud Relay toggle to force the multiplayer connection to go through Cloud Relay in case of problems.

v1.0.9b (April 14th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.0.9b

- The ready button is back and will wait until you're actually ready for next day.
- Splash should no longer sell seeds to guests
- Splash and the other shops now sync properly over multiplayer
- When passing out it should now automatically close your inventories or any menus you have open.
- An issue where sometimes you could walk/through the home objects has hopefully been fixed.
- An issue where sometimes you couldn't build inside the house has hopefully been fixed.
- Fixed some errors that popped up for some of our players.
- Paws menu should now pause the game properly as long as you're not in online multiplayer with other users.

v1.0.8o (April 13th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.0.8o

- Multiplayer middleware was changed to Photon Bolt. With this change the multiplayer is faster more stable and disconnects are less likely to happen.
- Now if disconnects happen the game tries to reconnect, and if successfull you can keep playing with your friends right from where you left off.
- Loading and saving have been optimized. Loading times are now considerably faster.
- Halloween Island is now accessible on multiplayer.
- Several multiplayer issues have been solved
- Coal drops have been increased to 3-8.
- Sprinkler radius have been increased slightly.
- Glider speed has been slightly increased.

v1.0.7 (March 23rd, 2019)Edit

Version 1.0.7

- The horse playable character has been added. (Thanks to one of our Kickstarter Designer Backers!)
- There's an assistant! You can now hire an assistant to run your shop, for a % of the sales that is.
- More cooking has been added! There are over 20 new recipes to learn!
- Furniture Blueprint Merchant has been added, and can be upgraded in town through Frank.
- New item: Crystal Furniture Set (Workbench + 10 furniture pieces, this is the first of 3 thanks to our Kickstarter stretch goals.)
- New item: Crystal Planter (Time to make one fancy farm!)
- New item: Glass Building Pieces (Foundation, Wall, Wall with Door, Ramp)
- New item: Bumblebee Dress (Thanks to one of our Kickstarter Designer Backers!)
- You can now nap for multiple hours at a time at the hammock. (Only available in Single Player.)
- 24+ new skins have been added, bringing us over 350 collectable skins.
- Antique items now do respawn.
- Upgraded Tools
- Stable
- Rideable Horse
- You can now change the UI Scale
- You can now abandon quests.
- Quick little update, the bouquets now stack to 10 and most of the items in the game stack to 30. Most, being pretty much everything other then the animals and building pieces. Have fun! (March 29th, 2019)

v1.0.6d (March 4th, 2019)Edit

Version 1.0.6d

- Small Wall Displays should now be able to be placed inside the player's house
- The Kickstarter items should be visible by other players in online multiplayer
- The game now waits a moment after loading the gameplay scene before spawning player-built objects which hopefully will help with loading times.
- The Trampoline now should also be able to be hidden by the distant mesh hider system..

v1.0.5 (March 1st, 2019)Edit

Version 1.0.5

- The bug where players sometimes disconnects the next day in multiplayer has hopefully been fixed
- 30 Fairy Wings have been added in various colours.
- 7 New Quests have been added to expand clovis' shop.
- New clothing items have been added including the deer dress, ladybug dress, black suit jacket, and brown professor jacket.
- The kickstarter steampunk themed items have been added (2 gliders, kickstartrer hat and kickstarter jacket.)
- The townsfolk are more talkative! If you're in between quests the townsfolk will now talk to you.
- The "do not build" collission has been reduced at the chicken coop area, you may now build inside the pen or on top of the coop.
- Sierra, the owner of the Garden Shop has moved into Florens with some new items and 19 new quests!
- Garden Shop new items: Potted plants, hedges, placeable ferns, decorative rocks, a garden bench and more!
- There is a new quest line to start receiving daily stone shipments, later in Garden Paws.
- Paper crafting recipe is no longer so far down the crafting list.
- The limited time valentines day mail event has been removed. The items can still be obained in the game through the shopkeepers.
- The skin recently named "12,000" has been renamed to "Cosmos Cat", silly Splash.
- Some ferns have been found floating and have since been grounded.
- The clipping through some caves has been fixed.
- A couple tyops have been fixed in the quests and mail.
- Oh noes! A few fox skins that were missing noses have found their noses.
- Some items in the crafting menus have been rearranged.
- Many items have been compiled into one to improve optimization and reduce load.
- The waterfalls no longer splash as much.
- Minor items have been removed/replaced in the world.
- Fixed the colliders on multiple items (for example the bridge near Sammy).

v1.0.3 (January 31st, 2019)Edit

Version 1.0.3

- Full In-Game Controller Support main menu controller support will be out in the next couple days
- Sprinklers: There are 3 tiers to the sprinklers; copper, silver and gold. Copper waters 1 plot, silver is 2 and gold waters 4.
- Museum, there are 15 collections to complete and 18 new quests. There are new items along with the collections as well.
- Learn how to tame the dog hint unlocks through the Museum
- The Inn-terior of the Inn has been added along with new quests
- Compost Bin has been added. The fertilizer recipe has changed and now requires 5 poop and 1 wheat to make 5 fertilizer over night.
- Furnace has been added. You can now smelt copper, silver and gold ores into bars as well as sand into glass. Requires Coal
- Large Stone and Wood Storage Sheds, each have a 30 capacity.
- The Large Wardrobe has been added, with a 40 capacity. Clothing Chest has been added with a 30 capacity.
- 6 new "decorative" storage crates have been added each with a capacity of 16. (Egg Crate, Bottle Crate, Seed Crate, Paper Crate, Milk Crate, Mushroom Crate)
- The Anvil is now a craftable, no need to run to Beltran to open your geodes anymore.
- Small, Medium and Large Marble Display Cases have been added.
- Mallard Feather, Duck Feather, New Feather Wings, Rainbow Fairy Wings
- 13 new crops with their seed packs to match. (Bouquets aren't in for these crops yet.)
- New planters: Pumpkin Planters, Stone Planters
- 50+ new skins have been added
- Map has been updated
- Minor optimization (we'll be heavily focussing on this for February)
- Sound has been added when you take a screenshot with F8 in game
- You can now rename animals as much as you'd like

v1.0.2 (December 29th, 2018)Edit

Version 1.0.2

- Chests can now be named and locked/unlocked. (Locked by default)
- A new shopkeeper, Penny, will be selling Fall and Winter seeds starting Fall year 1.
- The baby goat and lamb have been added and may now be raised in the Barn. With a new quest line and Barn Upgrade.
- Baby Ducklings have been added and may now be raised in the Duck Pond. With a new questl ine and Duck Pond Upgrade.
- Added Sand piles along the beach.
- Added Coal and Marble rocks that can be found in the ruins caves.
- New quests have been added, we're now at 276 total quests.
- There are now popups that show up and give tips when you first interact with Anvil, Frank's Table and Trashcan
- Reversed the hotbar scroll direction.
- Added tips to the loading screen
- Milk stacks have been increase from 10 to 30
- Sammy now only sells spring seeds. A new seller now handles the other seasonal seeds.
- Chat should no longer disappear while you're still typing
- You can now find wood-piles in the forest

v0.0.6.7 (December 21st, 2018)Edit


- Had to reset the control definitions in this update. - Bouquets have been added for the seasonal crops.
- 16+ New quests have been added bringing us over 240 quests in the game.
- 10 New skins have been added bringing us to over 250 skins in the game..
- Added one more default skin to all the animals.
- Introduced a new upgrade, the Tree Farm. This will appear in summer.
- Basic chest can now be crafted without a workbench from day one.
- Steam Cloud sync is now available for the game.
- We are working on multiplayer optimization and bug fixes.
- New mail has been added and quests have been altered to make a few things clearer in the game for new players.
- Splash's shop should no longer display too many skins at once.
- Some prices for the skins in the shop have been reduced.
- Solved an issue with the delivery of the quest "Town Orders" that could potentially be affecting other quests as well.
- Fixed an issue with the UI displaying incorrectly on Ultra-wide resolutions
- Home is now marked in the map
- Loading flower now changes colors based on the current season.
- Fixed an issue with opening containers or using the home door when about to pass out.
- Chickens now have a rare chance to drop Golden Chicken Eggs.
- Star Light no longer rotates to face you.
- Auto-run no longer stops running when bumping into something.
- Fixed an issue with the customers forming a conga-line party near the bridge after leaving the shop
- Clicking the Action button with a hammer selected without anything to destroy around you now brings up a notification.
- Fixed an issue with Frank's upgrade table not showing certain upgrades until restarting the game.

v0.0.6.6 (December 18th, 2018)Edit


- Bird character introduced
- CPU performance improvements in the picking up/moving items code
- Fixed a glitch with alberto's broken glider disappearing when picked
- Guests can now purchase upgrades from frank as well.
- Twitch Integration is now fixed
- You can now input a custom resolution in the audio/video resolution menu.
- Steam Achievements implemented

Alpha ReleaseEdit

v0.0.6.5 (December 15th, 2018)Edit


- There is now a chance of rain (Except for winter).
- On Rainy days your crops get automatically watered.
- Shooting stars can appear at night.
- Added new workbench to craft Glitter Skins
- Added Fallen Star lamp
- Fallen Stars can be broken open.
- There is a cute animation/vfx when you milk cows / cook fish / pick up a fishing trap
- Fixed fishing-trap placement

v0.0.6.4 (December 14th, 2018)Edit


- Added Dragon Playable character.
- Added a Grill that can be used to grill fish for energy recovery.
- There are now seasonal crops, introducing 28 new crops.
- New Winter skins have been added with a seasonal vendor during Winter. With more to come.
- There are now visual differences for each season.
- Added the Inn and Merchant Square upgrades giving more energy. The Inn adds 6 more quests with more to come.
- Rainforest island vanished leaving in its place new islands.
- Changed the energy amount given by upgrades. You can now also check your energy by mousing over the energy bar.
- Improved on the inventory code for better performance picking up items/crafting/sorting.
- Fixed an issue with the characters having different animation speeds at times.
- Plant spawners have been rebalanced and new plant spawners have been added.
- New mail has been added.
- Winter decorations have been placed in winter.
- Bear cave has been adjusted and is now 1 room
- Some of the home upgrades have been slightly reduced in cost (The kitchen was reduced from 150k to 125k, the Great
Room has been reduced from 200k to 150k
- There have been a few optimizations for gathering items and transferring between chests.

v0.0.6.3 (December 2nd, 2018)Edit


- Several areas of the code have been optimized and Unity version has been updated. Performance improvements all around.
- Chipmunk character has been added.
- Player home upgrades, Bedroom, Kitchen and Great Room, now give +5 energy each.
- New appearances have been added including the Shadow Skin and Neon Pink Skin for every current character.
- 4 New Costumes have been added that are obtainable on the Halloween Island in game in Fall.
- The 3 Limited Time Costumes have been removed from the shop. (Ghost, Vam-purr cape and Bat Wings.)
- Geodes no longer drop from rocks
- Purple Daisies have been rebalanced and should be appearing more in the home area.
- Mail has been added from your granparents.
- PumpCoin price has been reduced from 5,000 to 2,500 coins
- Plant Fiber drop rate has been increased by 1
- Copper and Gold will now have a chance to drop from breaking Geodes.
- New quests have been added for Halloween into year 2.
- Performance optimization changes have been made to the campgrounds.
- Fishing rates have been adjusted in favor of soggy paper over old bottles.
- Bouquet quest line has been fixed to not unlock all bouquet recipes right away.
- Plants have started growing again on the island that recently had a deforestation.

v0.0.6.2 (November 17th, 2018)Edit


- You can now get 5 more slots in your inventory with the Living Room Home Upgrade.
- New "Leafy" skin added and unlockable for all animals through an achievement.
- 10 New Accessories available (Skirts, Dresses and more)
- New Fishing questline with 20+ Quests
- Over 30+ new items.
- Fish Traps and Shellfish Traps (9 Shellfish to catch)
- Fishing Minigame (12 catchable fish)
- New Bouquet questline with Elizabeth to learn the Flower Workbench + new recipes
- Barn now holds 3 animals instead of 2
- You can now name purchased animals
- The Rainforest suffered a deforestation. (In totally "unrelated" news, good performance improvement)
- There is now a water drop icon on top of dry seeds
- Seaweed has been added
- Some quest have been fixed, others have had requirements reduced/adjusted
- Balanced the procedurally generated plants
- You should no longer attempt to auto-pickup items you just dropped
- Elizabeth quests had their required amount of flower planters reduced by half
- The Badger Mesh has been adjusted to better fit with accessories.
- Kieran is now a surfer dude
- Invisible Bracken should no longer happen.
- Most of duck-pond cave has been closed off for repairs.

v0.0.6.1 (November 12th, 2018)Edit


- Badger Playable character introduced.
- Included more graphics options in the graphics menu.
- Approximately 40 new quests have been added.
- It should no longer be possible to tame an animal out of existance with a "preview" unplaced habitat.
- Calfs should no longer chirp like chicks when eating.
- The faces that don't fit a character type no longer show up to be selected when you are that character type.

v0.0.6.0 (November 8th, 2018)Edit


- Camera should handle collisions with objects/confined spaces somewhat better although less smooth.
- There is now a dialogue system.
- The Dialogue was in the game all along ;P
- LOTS of new quests
- Barn can now be obtained through a questline
- New animal that can be grown: Calf -> Cow
- Lots of new accessories and items.
- Boris now can have a backpack shop trough a questline.
- Miners now show up with their building upgrade, not one day earlier
- Fixed an issue with planters' soil not showing up properly
- Improve on the action Trigger detection code (shops, quests, etc.)
- Clovis now has a little table showing the items he is currently selling
- The maturing bar in the coop updates right when you feed the animal now.

v0.0.5.9 (November 3rd, 2018)Edit


- Hearts above tameables now show up if the chicks in the coop haven't eaten yet.
- Hearts above tameables now show empty or filled depending on whether that tameable have eaten or not.
- Saved data from the demo no longer transfers into the alpha.
- Coop can now be upgraded to level 3
- The Player Home interior can now be upgraded
- You can now open multiplayer rooms that can take up to 4 players
- After pressing the ready for next day button the game will now go back into loading screen to load the day and hide the button.
- Changed maximum camera distance for different quality settings, hopefully this will help lower-end computers running low quality.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the correct number of rabbits from showing up in a habitat.
- Fixed a bug that prevented new upgrades from showing up on Frank's list until you restarted the game.
- Rolled back the exterior-camera values to the values it was before we introduced interiors.
- When going back to main island from halloween island you should now appear in the shipyard instead of at player's home.
- Customers shouldn't insta-disappear in front of non-host players after making purchases.
- Nap should now happen a little bit faster
- Some items that used to show up as black inside player's home now show up with their proper color.
- Moved Table and Bench from Workbench to the Furniture Workbench
- Standing Torches are now turned off by default
- Fixed some rocks
- Added some more mail
- Potentially fixed an issue with the energy showing up the wrong value after coming back from halloween island.
- Potentially fixed an issue with opening containers when you're about to pass out.

- Potentially fixed a bug with the quests get confused about finding which npc you had to talk to next.

v0.0.5.8 (November 1st, 2018)Edit


- The player no longer sleeps in their doorstep
- Fertilizing no longer takes energy
- Non-base material crafts no longer show up on the crafting list in workbenches.
- If you have feed selected, animals being tamed will show a heart icon on top of their heads
- You should no longer be tripping over your pets
- Fixed a chest syncing bug on multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue with syncing object special properties, now pets sync their names in multiplayer.
- Kojo is no longer accepting the quest that should be given to Alberto
- Changed the way the camera handles being in confined spaces a little bit.
- If you're playing multiplayer you need to wait at least 10 seconds before sleeping after waking up to prevent problems with other players.
- Miller is no longer a jerk and sells to players at any time of the day.
- Accessing the console during the night-time stats loading screen no longer breaks the game.
- Fixed an error displayed when picking up fertilized crops.
- Adjusted Audio for swinging axes
- Long Skirt now shows up properly
- Fixed Swimming not triggering on parts of Halloween Island
- Picking up stuff now takes priority over petting animals
- Potentially fixed an issue with chicks losing their progress when saving/loading

v0.0.5.7 (October 29th, 2018)Edit


- Fertilizer chance increased.
- Main menu now has a main menu Music and buttons have sounds
- New Skins have been added
- New accessories have been added
- Bunnies now "respawn" after being tamed
- Halloween Island now has a map
- Crops shouldn't turn "invisible" anymore.
- There is now a max number of customers in the world
- Added a timed despawn for customers so they don't get "stuck" forever
- Tamed Cats are no longer constipated and can be pet
- Taming bar will now be cyan
- Fixed a null reference that used to happen if you pass out on Halloween Island
- A couple of things that shouldn't happen when you come back from Halloween Island now probably won't happen.
- Potential fix for the phantom chest sound issue
- Potentially fixed a bug with the game music not repeating
- Potentially fixed a bug with a quest in halloween island that sent a letter to alberto being completed in the same npc instead of on Alberto
- Potentially fixed a bug with quest markers appearing on the wrong npcs and not being interactable.
- Potentially fixed a bug with typing in forms/input fields and triggering stuff in the game.
- Miller's shop might be working now?

v0.0.5.6 (October 27th, 2018)Edit


- Redid the saving/loading code for containers/tameables so it is more unlikely that they will fail.
- Redid a lot of net-code syncing to make it more stable and less likely to fail.
The Overalls might be fixed.

v0.0.5.5 (October 26th, 2018)Edit


- Halloween Island is now in the game
- There is now an upgrade that unlocks a Shop that sells Skins.
- Fixed some rocks not being breakable
- Fixed an issue with Chicks thinking they're full when they are not.
- Now music fades in/out properly
- Some chests were moved around
- Fixed an issue with the Galaxy Skin unlock notification not showing up properly.
- Fixed names of seeds to match the new plant names.
- Leaving a room in multiplayer will now save your player inventory and info.

v0.0.5.4 (October 25th, 2018)Edit


- Galaxy skins are now obtainable
- Watering can is now craftable in case you lose yours somehow
- Cat skins now can be found in chests
- Some networking code changes which hopefully should fix the loading forever on multiplayer bug.
- Items with special properties now retain those properties when dropped/picked up (Like Pet names)
- If Time isn't being counted (seeing dialog, or inventory) customers won't move/do stuff.
- Items dropped by breakables should now attempt to find the ground position to be placed.
- Potentially fixed Cabbage Felicia/Sad Carrot bug
- Fixed a mistake in the tracked quests code that could show quests as completed when they weren't really completed.
- Dancing is now faster and you stop dancing when you move.
- Typo fixed on Shop Upgrades description
- Added a big Rock to the 0,0,0 position of the world to hide where discarded world-icons go.
- Fixed Bruce's spinning pivot problem
- There is now a subtle visual indication that your seed died for lack of water the previous day
- You should no longer be seeing the taming healthbar unless you're holding the feeding item
- When you try using a command in the chat it now says commands are not yet available (instead of suggesting /help that doesn't work)
- Couple more quest text fixes
- Several minor visual glitches fixed on main scene

v0.0.5.3 (October 23rd, 2018)Edit


- Hammer will now attempt to find the closest buildable to destroy if can't find any the "normal way"
- Wheat seeds are now easier to come by
- Once a specific instance of an animal has been tamed it shouldn't appear anymore.
- Possibly fixed an issue where a tree or rock would inifitely repeatedly get destroyed over and over.
- Sammy can now sell more seeds if you complete the Basket of Seeds quest
- Fixed an issue with chest sounds playing in the wrong place.
- Error notifications will now pop-up on the main menu if an error happens on the console
- Non-host players can now open/close the shop.
- Loot chests should sync better on multiplayer now
- If nothing was changed in a container you closed it will not send a sync. Hopefully that fixes a few container syncing issues.
- Brown rabbits should now be tameable.
- Changed the way triggers work, hopefully now the "E" for shop not working will now be solved for reals
- Potentially fixed an issue with disconnected players continuing showing up in the world.
- Players can now be kicked out of rooms by the host without errors.
- In-game feedback form now includes more helpful information with the report.
- Added a couple more "No build zones" around areas that will appear later on.
- Fixed an issue with the Bookcase not being placeable and removing the item when you try to place
- Customers can now also be foxes
- Potentially fixed an issue with quests showing up twice in the tracked quests list
- Fixed an issue with upgrades (like the backpack) not updating non-hosts Energy/Inventory
- Fixed an issue with the Rabbit Habitat not being able to be interacted with.
- Fixed an issue with the Rabbits not dropping items while on Habitat.
- Items dropped are now synced in multiplayer. Including tree/rock drops.
- Dropped items now disappear when the day changes.
- Found skins can now be sold.
- James' quests have been fixed
- You can now toggle grass even if you started the game as low graphics
- Terrain fixes
- Floating pieces at the town gate are no longer floating.
- Bruce's cabin has been moved.



- Taming a Cat quest line changed deliver from Elizabeth to Abby
- Quests should now properly update when buying things. Players should no longer be able to go in debt.
- Now the old-style save from the demo only gets deleted if you actually save the day in your new world.
- Controls preferences are no longer saved on garden paws save file to lower file size. They're saved using Player Prefs instead.
- Buttons for rooms in the room lists are no longer clickable when the room is full
- Might have fixed an issue where animals you are taming in the wild think they are full when they haven't eaten yet that day.
- Max Players in Multiplayer is now locked to 2 while we investigate the issues with having more than 2 players leading to disconnects
- Fixed an issue with items not showing up correctly on the "Character Selection" screen
- Potentially fixed an issue with players on multiplayer disagreeing about the contents of certain inventories.
- Pickup notifications now appear higher if the chat is visible
- There is now a button in the character customization UI that unlocks skins you might have in your inventory
- Potentially fixed an issue with the preview of the digging showing up way too far from the player in multiplayer.
- Pressing E in chat should hopefully no longer trigger stuff.
- Unlocking Blueprints now show a notification

v0.0.5.1 (October 21st, 2018)Edit


- Changed some prices on items and some quest texts
- You can now only see one type of action at once on the action buttons (No more "double water soil" options)
- Client player info is now saved when disconnected from photon
- Fixed an issue with the room list not updating when changing regions on "Play Online".
- Might have fixed an issue with the saving/loading of animals in the process of taming.
- There is now a text chat for people to communicate on multiplayer
- Chicken coop gate is slightly more closed now so chickens stop trying to make a run for it.
- Basic Fertilizer now has a WIP icon that's not just poop
- Trashcan now has colliders
- Fixed an issue that got the "Quit" button on the pause menu way too low and unclickable.
- Fixed a problem with old dragged icons staying in the screen sometimes.
- Fixed a problem with the Overall that prevented it from being used and generated a visual glitch
- Fixed some visual issues.
- Fixed an issue with already-tamed animals trying to be tamed.
- Fixed an issue with the feedback form when the button I was pressed activating the pause menu.
- Fixed an issue with the "health bar" of trees starting at half-way point visually and then going to right amount

v0.0.5.0 (October 20th, 2018)Edit


- Fixed an Issue that limitted the amount of flowers spawning in the home area to 10 after a certain number of upgrades
- Sammy got a visual upgrade in their shop.
- Fixed several collision issues.
- Fixed an issue with the campfire rocks being breakable rocks.
- Abby now has a cabbage shop
- You can now drink lemonade to recover a small amount of Energy.
- Solved an issue with the Hoe and the Watering Can getting duplicated.
- Solved an issue with upgrades not syncing properly on multiplayer.
- Planter Box can be crafted to plant flowers in without having to "dig a soil".
- You can now Press F8 to take a screenshot in-game.
- Twitch Chat Integration is now hidden during screenshot-mode
- Wheat no longer uses the impostor system.
- There is now a "Buy x10" button on shops
- Fixed a bug that made icons not show up on the crafting window.
- Added some funny emotes
- There are now 4 months in the game, each corresponding to a season.
- Animals fed in the world are now synced across multiplayer
- Save system reworked so different scenes can be saved separately.
- Fixed Planting on multiplayer.
- There is now a tutorial window with hand-drawn tutorials
- Animal drops now should sync across multiplayer
- Time should now move in multiplayer even if host is in screenshot mode
- Fertilizers can now be crafted and used after following a questline.
- Rabbits and cats can now be tamed.
- You can now only see the upgrades on the shop that you have the requirements to buy.
- You can now pet any animals in the world.
- There is now an "alternative" action button that can be used when a trigger has 2 possible actions (Example: Shop and Quest)
- There is now tabbed-buttons on top of some of the menus that can be used to quickly access other menus
- There is a new customization UI for selecting animal/face/skin.
- Most Skins are now locked and can be unlocked by completing quests/finding them on chests/doing achievements.
- Main Menu to create character/world and create rooms/join rooms for the multiplayer.
- There is now a trashcan behind the house that can be used to permanently destroy items
- Only the host can open the chest that come with the house.
- As long as you're playing by yourself, time is no longer counted when you're looking at UI Windows.

Demo ReleaseEdit

v0.0.4.7 (August 18th, 2018)Edit


- Potentially fixed an issue where the axe/pickaxe randomly wouldn't work anymore.
- Holding down the mouse button or the action button now keeps the player doing any action available to do by holding those these buttons (Example: Keep
cutting with the axe or keep picking up nearby items).
- Did several improvements in the building system code.
- Campfire should now be placeable.
- Pillars are no longer required to place walls.
- Wooden Ramp and Trampoline added as Buildable Objects.
- Changed the table visualization code so it should have less problems of not showing items.
- Twitch Integration is now avaialble in the pause menu and will show viewers names above the customers in the shop phase.
- If you don't have any items in the table the NPCs should go away now.
- Mouse Sensitivity slider now has a maximum value that makes more sense, making it easier to fine-tune the sensitivity.
- Fixed a bug in the Crafting UI in which the crafting number display didn't reset when going to craft a different thing.
- Potentially fixed a bug with the world-loot chests dropping extra items when disappearing
- Potentially fixed a bug which left icons behind sometimes when dragging items around the inventory
- Potentially fixed a bug which sometimes left 2 quality toggles toggled at the same time on the pause menu.
- Fixed an issue where the Bulletin Board quests weren't updating properly
- Time is no longer counted while you have a chest open (as long as you're not playing multiplayer)
- It is now possible to place foundations on top of platforms and also to place pillars underneath foundations
- Building pieces will now float if the things they were connected get destroyed (To solve a bug in which sometimes they would spontaneously destroy
- Potentially fixed an issue with building pieces disappearing sometimes.
- The Daily Stats screen received a make-over
- Frank now has a shop that sells wood/stones
- There is now a button that can be pressed to Jump and Glide with one single button pressed.

v0.0.4.6 (August 13th, 2018)Edit


- Added Cat's Snow Leopard and Leopard Skin
- Fixed a bug in which it was possible to plant a seed over a seed that was already planted.
- Fixed an issue with sometimes the Upgrade icons not showing up on the upgrade table UI

v0.0.4.5 (August 12th, 2018)Edit


- Added Cat's Snow Leopard and Leopard Skin
- Fixed a bug in which it was possible to plant a seed over a seed that was already planted.
- Fixed an issue with sometimes the Upgrade icons not showing up on the upgrade table UI

v0.0.4.4 (August 11th, 2018)Edit


- There is now a Karate bandana in the game.
- Animals should no longer run in place
- Satchel have been fixed.
- NPCs now have their names showing above their heads if you're close enough to them.
- The collectables that are dropped from cutting a tree/breaking a rock now attempt to be auto-picked up.
- Might have fixed a bug with the passing out happening in the day if you sleep right when it's happening.
- Fixed a bug with floating crates on where the glider shop would be in the future
- Pressing + and - on the map no longer brings the mouse back to the center of the screen.
- Night music no longer plays when you wake up.
- Now if you exit a menu with the escape button it should lock the mouse back to the screen.
- Fixed an issue with the volume sliders showing the wrong number.



- Fixed a big bug with inventory comparisons that was preventing some quests from being completed.

v0.0.4.2 (August 8th, 2018)Edit


- Fallen building pieces can no longer be destroyed with a hammer. You have to wait until it despawns and leaves the item behind.
- Separated pause menu into different categories.
- Added Control Shortcuts to pause menu
- Fixed an issue with the scrolling speed in menus with a scroll bar.
- Hoe no longer "works" during screenshot camera.
- New color corrections for day-night cycle.
- There is only one Charlie now, no matter what that other Charlie might say

v0.0.4.1 (August 6th, 2018)Edit


- Mouse never locks anymore when looking at the screenshot camera options.
- New color corrections based on time of the day and some more tweaks to the sky.
- There is now a line connecting the player to the preview-soil when using the hoe and the preview-building when building something.
- Chicks and Chickens will now follow you around if placed in the Pet inventory slot.
- Chicks and Chickens got a new improved run animation
- Chicks now have a new animation/reaction to being fed.
- There are new particle effects and animations for planting, watering, digging and picking up stuff
- Fixed a bug in which you could place anything in the equipment slots by swapping the equipment with something else.
- Added a small delay between Action button presses to prevent accidental double presses.
- The first time you plant, select your hoe, dig a hole, etc, a little notification with a little explanation is going to show up.
- There are now shortcut controls displayed on the bottom of the inventory screen.
- Time is no longer counting while the player is in a dialogue.
- Fixed an issue where NPCs sometimes were in the wrong places
- Added a "Home" marker to the map.
- There is now a sound to turn off Torchlights and Campfires
- It is no longer possible to sell after the shop is closed.
- Frank has now learned how to use smoke bombs to disappear like a ninja when he needs to.
- The camera now pans to show the shop sign appearing once you complete the shop sign quest.

v0.0.4.0 (August 2nd, 2018)Edit


- Skies are now waaaaay prettier.
- Axe/pick-axe swings no longer use animation events to trigger functions. That should fixe issues some had with them. (They also make a swoosh sound now)
- Added a new item/craftable "Torch" which can be used to light up your way.
- Added a new raw material/collectable "Flint" which can be used to craft a torch.
- Customers now hold items in front of them with arms forward instead of having the items stapled to their foreheads.
- Fixed a big bug wthat made items sometimes disappear when you tried to quick-move them to a full inventory and they weren't at their full stack.
- The Axe/Pick-axe swing now rotates you a bit towards the closest rock/tree
- Hydrangea is now called Hydrangea.
- Possibly fixed an issue with an error popping up when cutting down palm-trees
- Fixed the issue with the Geode-breaking-anvil triggering fail messages from too far away
- Changed some stuff about lemons.
- Wheat no longer has impostors
- Fixed an issue with floating npcs in the camp-grounds
- Fixed an issue with one of the rocks around the mine entrance being breakable
- Fixed collision in several places
- Added a new visual landmark area close to the player home
- Night music now starts playing at 21h and stops at 7am.

v0.0.3.9 (July 30th, 2018)Edit


- Breakable drop values changed
- You can now use the mouse clicks to swing axes/pick-axes
- Customers that haven't purchased an item but are holding an item will drop the item when the store closes.
- Breakables broken in cave no longer have their items drop on the top of the cave.
- Geodes no longer instantly respawn when broken.
- Fixed a bug in which sometimes seeds would never ever grow.
- Potentially fixed an issue with the axe/pickaxe not working for some people, but not sure since can't repro.

v0.0.3.8 (July 29th, 2018)Edit


- An Axe and a Pickaxe can now be crafted and used to cut down trees and break down rocks respectively
- Implemented Impostor system for optimization. Hopefully bringing better performance.



- The Carrot now has a price, plus put some code in place to prevent items from being free when being sold on NPCs.
- The Characters are now right-handed for some reason.
- Each setting in the day-night cycle now has its own Color Correction LUT, making the colors better all across the day.
- Players can now Swing the Axe and the Silver Axe, but they won't hit anything until next patch.

v0.0.3.6 (July 27th, 2018)Edit


- Fixed an issue with the Baker quest for Chicken Eggs
- You can now turn torches and fire pits on/off
- Added a message letting you know the shop can be opened in an hour and one letting you know the shop will close in 30 minutes
if it's open 30 minutes before closing.
- When world-loot chests disappear they will now drop their contents on the ground.
- Solved an Argument out of range exception message that appeared in the start of the day sometimes.
- Fixed an issue which kept the stamina bar visible even after swimming.
- Signs no longer should appear once the rubble have been cleared.
- Chicken Coop upgrade now only appears one day after purchasing as frank says it should be.
- Fixed Gap under the mine assets in the mine cave}



- Exaggerated pick-up particle effects.
- Time no longer passes while in Screenshot Camera.
- Stamina Wheel for swimming
- Signs for the remove boulders quest now should only show up after player has upgraded mining camp
- Fixed the message when the shop is ready to be opened.

v0.0.3.4 (July 26th, 2018)Edit


- Items that don't require any machine to be crafted can now be crafted from within a machine as well.
- Changed the way placing/rotating items on the ground works in the building system.
- You can no longer use triggers while having a UI window open.
- You can no longer swap hotbar slots with the scrollwheel while using UI or rotating a locked-in-place building piece.
- Fixed the issue with the item quantity in world icons becoming black on certain rotations

v0.0.3.3 (July 23rd, 2018)Edit


- Building System (WIP)
- Crafting System
- Bakery implemented with a small questline with James the Baker
- New Campgrounds area introduced.
- New questline in the campgrounds with Kieran the campgrounds keeper
- Might have fixed the issue some people were having with planting late into the game... Haven't confirmed though since couldn't repro.
- Now there is a way to leave the water inside the ruins cave.
- Overalls are now equipped into Legs instead of Body
- Added particle FX to Eggs and Feathers so they're more visible. Also a different one for poop so it looks smelly.
- Scrolling through the Hotbar now loops back to the beginning of the hotbar and vice-versa. Same for skins and faces.
- Fixed a bug in which you couldn't pass through a cave entrance while flying with the glider.
- Fixed a bug in which the glider would work underwater.
- Introduced a new dialog for feedback/bug submission
- Fixed an issue where the inventory wouldn't update showing ui the remaining stack after joining stacks.
- Day ending now closes all open UIs and ends screenshot camera if screenshot camera is open



- Home Chest size has increased to 20 slots
- Changed the loading animation.
- Tried to improve Customer AI navigation system's handling of getting stuck/confused.
- Intro sound added when you first start the game.
- Glider now has a looping sound while you're gliding
- The "getting tired" fade out shouldn't come in front of the daily stats anymore.
- It is no longer possible to dig dirt holes into stone.
- Storage shop has been removed from purchaseable upgrades since it's now available for free from the start.
- Animals now won't try moving if the player is too close to them, hopefully this will prevent players from getting stuck into animals.
- Feeding chicks outside of the coop inventory UI now also consumes chick feed.
- Music/ambience of the cave now starts playing earlier into the cave.
- Dragging an item now shows which equipment slots it can fit into.
- Changed the green questionmark to the green checkmark on the maps for completed quests.
- Cabbages collisions on the npc town are now smaller.
- Clicking outside of a menu now closes the menu.
- You no longer get an error if you have all the equipment in the game and try to open a loot chest.
- The Barn has been excavated from your backyard and placed back next to the coop where it belongs.
- Long-time bug that added a random seed to a planted soil that recently spawned a plant has been fixed, no more free seeds for you!
- You can now use the mouse scroll wheel to change the hotbar selection



- Emergency fix for stack overflow on visual item when selecting specific items

v0.0.3.0 (July 20th, 2018)Edit


- Chicken Coop now has a little explanation the first time you open it.
- A couple of loot chests now actually respawn when the day starts if less than 66% of available chests are spawned.
- If it has anything in it, a loot chest now stays around for longer before disappearing
- It is now less likely that the player will be able to get himself stuck into the thorns.
- It is now less likely to open 2 UI menus at once.
- Seams on the backs of animals have been mended
- A lot of the forest trees that were previously not entirely on the ground are now on the ground.
- The camera now avoids going under-water unless you try really hard and even then only for a moment.
- Finally fixed the glitch that kep the character splashing too much and jittering while swimming.
- Fixed the issue with the chests duplicating during the night



- Fixed the issue with the chests duplicating during the night

v0.0.2.0 (July 19th, 2018)Edit


- Glider is now made available earlier in the game.
- Glider Shop added to NPC town (through questing.)
- New quest lines with Alberto the Gliding Enthusiast.
- NPC Malu has been added, she sells Cloth. Incidentally the item Cloth has been added to the game.
- "Stamina" is now called "Energy"
- Ambience audio has been separated from Music.
- Fixed bug in which the coins required weren't updating properly on tracked quests.
- Franks shop has been visually upgraded
- Players can now pick a Bulletin Board Quest in the same day they have delivered a Bulletin Board Quest.
- Join Discord button was added to the pause menu.
- Taking a nap now replenishes a small amount of Energy.
- The button to see the upgrades in grid form has now been moved to the top of the Upgrade UI.
- Added corner-notification messages warning the player when the end of the day is near. Also added a longer fade to black in the end of the day so it's not so jarring when it happens.
- Collision on rocks around Duck Pond have been fixed to reduce clipping
- Small bugs and world changes (collision fixes, floating trees, etc.)
- Costume shop is now an upgrade purchasable from Frank at the construction shop.
- Upgrade costs have been changed (some increased some decreased).
- Additional Loot Chests added (Currently there are 20+ chests to be found and they will respawn over time)
- Pause menu now contains a "Back Button" for changing Skins and Facial Expressions.
"- You can now exit Screenshot-mode by pressing the ESCAPE button.
- You can press F11 to enter Screenshot mode while also pausing the game so you can take cool glider screenshots mid-air.
- A notification now pops up telling the player how to exit the screenshot mode and how to access its options."
- Rabbits no longer randomly laugh at players passing by
- If the player attempts to pickup or receive an item he cannot place in the inventory, the item will be dropped to the ground as a pickupable.
- Fixed Issues with Inventory pickups/swaps/stacks when the inventory was too full.
- Tracking quests are no longer in front of other objects in inventory, solving the bug of the unclickable buy button
- Fixed the landing animation that was playing too slow making the character appear to float while landing.
- Limited notification spam of same message in a short period of time, now it won't repeat the same message as much
- Upgrades are now ordered by cost in the upgrade table.

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