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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.

Pegasus is rare Legendary Mount that can be obtained as a reward for completing the Horse Sanctuary on Kozita.

Since sanctuaries can only be completed once per save file, at this time only 1 can be legitimately acquired per world.

Speed and Jump Effects[]

The Pegasus has a fast run speed equal to the Deer and most other Legendary Mounts.

It jumps twice as high as other mounts. It is second only to the Big Bunny in jump height.

It also has a unique feature other mounts do not: Gliding.

  • It will slowly float downward to the ground if jumping in place.
  • If jumping while moving forward, it gains a speed boost as it glides toward the ground. This makes it the fastest mount overall, but only while gliding.
  • Its faster downward speed means it can't glide as far as a Glider, but it will glide/float for as long as it is in midair.


The Pegasus can be dyed at a Dyeing Station, but only the wings will change color.

Because of the gliding mechanic, it is very difficult to jump on a trampoline while riding a Pegasus.

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