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Penguins are tameable animals that can be found in the wild during Winter.


4 penguins can be found on the eastern part of the outer island (D6 on the Detailed Map) north of the Forest Region. 1 Black, 1 Small Black, 1 Pink, and 1 Blue.



Penguins can be tamed by feeding them 1 Small Fish each day for 14 consecutive days. The Small Black Penguin only requires 10 days.[1]

If you miss a day, the taming bar will deteriorate. On the 14th day (10th for the small one) the Penguin will start following you, and you can lead it to a Penguin Habitat.

Upon arriving at the habitat, a naming screen will appear. Naming the penguin completes the taming process. It can be renamed once it is in the habitat.

If the player is in the middle of taming a penguin as the season ends, taming will cut short and the player must try again the next year.

Taming 100 penguins will unlock a special mount.


Penguins can also be obtained as prizes in seasonal events such as Festival minigames, or from Animal Mystery Boxes.


Penguins can be found in several variations:

There is also a Big Penguin mount and a Galaxy Penguin, but certain requirements must be met to obtain them.


Pink Penguin is a yearly Seasonal Winter quest from Robert, which requires the player to bring a Pink Penguin in exchange for a Cat Cactus.

The Pink Penguin does not necessarily have to be tamed by a player. A Pink Penguin won in a minigame will still count for the quest.



  1. Penguins only spawn from 01 Winter to 30 Winter. This means it is theoretically possible to tame 9 penguins by the end of the month: Days 1-14 and 15-28 for 2 sets of the 3 larger penguins, and days 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30 for 3 of the small black one. However the timing of days fed must be precise, and the penguins must have respawned the day after they are tamed.

    Some animals do not respawn immediately the next day if the player has been playing several days in a row in one session (this also happens with Chests). One way to try and 'reset' this is to exit the game to the menu and re-enter.
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